- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 3, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman who also happens to be a staunch conservative, is hinting at serving in the administration of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz if he is elected president.

The former Olympic gold medalist said in an interview with the Advocate that Mr. Cruz would be in need of a “trans ambassador.”

“Wouldn’t it be great, let’s say he goes on to be president,” Ms. Jenner said. “And I have all my girls on a trans issues board to advise him on making decisions when it comes to trans issues. Isn’t that a good idea?”

“Yes, trans ambassador to the president of the United States,” Ms. Jenner continued, “so we can say, ‘Ted, love what you’re doing but here’s what’s going on.’”

Ms. Jenner also said Mr. Cruz was “very nice” when they met prior to the reality TV star’s transgender revelation.

“I like Ted Cruz,” Ms. Jenner said. “I haven’t endorsed him or anything like that. But I also think, he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.”

Although Ms. Jenner acknowledged “Democrats are better when it comes to these types of social issues,” the 66-year-old said economic issues are also trans issues.

“I want every trans person to have a job,” Ms. Jenner said. “With $19 trillion in debt and it keeps going up, we’re spending money we don’t have. Socialism did not build this country. Capitalism did.”



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