- - Sunday, March 6, 2016


Upon conclusion of the Super Tuesday presidential primaries, Donald Trump had amassed 319 delegates toward winning the Republican nomination. However, the GOP requires 1,237 delegates to gain the final Republican nomination. In the next 80-plus days, 36 additional states and territories will cast ballots — and Mr. Trump leads the pack in at least 18 of those contests.

However, even if Mr. Trump wins all favored delegates — his final tally by May 24 will only amount to 1,127 delegates, which is 110 votes shy of the Republican bar. The one state that can propel Mr. Trump over the hurdle is California, where he enjoys a debatable lead. Therefore if the Republican financiers can thwart Mr. Trump in California, then either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio will deny him the necessary vote count — and the Republican national convention will be thrust into a chaotic nightmare of epic proportions.


U.S. Marine Corps (retired)

Menifee, Calif



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