- The Washington Times - Monday, March 7, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner had some harsh words for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton during the second-season premiere of “I Am Cait.”

The outspoken conservative who came out as transgender last year has faced fierce backlash from the LGBT community for aligning with the Republican Party. During the Sunday night premiere of her reality television show, Ms. Jenner showed little evidence that she is backing down from her conservative views.

She was on a bus tour with a group of transgender women when she said she didn’t want to stop at the Democratic debate, The Daily Caller reported.

“It’s the last place I want to be,” Ms. Jenner said. “But I’m open. We need both sides and if we’re unfortunate enough get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side. Although she won’t be — she [couldn’t] care less about women. She cares about herself.”

After her friends disagreed with her, Ms. Jenner argued that Republicans are “worried about much bigger issues than the trans issues.”

“We’re $18.5 trillion in debt. I think what they don’t realize is this country could collapse over this at some point and if our country collapses it doesn’t make any difference if you’re gay, trans, whatever,” she said. “Republicans and the conservatives are not these horrible people out there trying to oppress people. I don’t feel like they’re out to get us. Every conservative guy out there believes in everybody’s rights.”

Ms. Jenner recently revealed in an interview with The Advocate that she is a fan of Ted Cruz and would love to become a “trans ambassador” for the Republican presidential candidate.



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