- The Washington Times - Friday, October 14, 2016

A University of Wisconsin–Madison student has launched a clothing line featuring sweatshirts and hoodies that boast racial and anti-police statements.

Eneale Pickett, a second-year elementary education major, said he launched Insert Apparel to bring awareness to issues of race, gender and sexuality on campus.

“I made these sweatshirts initially to start a conversation, and now it’s to shift a conversation,” Mr. Picketttold a local NBC News affiliate. “People have been talking about race, sexuality and gender, but now I’m doing it to make them uncomfortable.”

Mr. Pickett is selling the sweatshirts, available on Etsy, with statements such as “All white people are racist,” and “You can’t be a revolutionary and homophobic.”

Another sweatshirt that reads, “If I encounter another cop with a God complex, I’m going to have to show the world that they are human,” was removed by Etsy earlier this week, Mr. Pickett wrote on Facebook.

He said the campaign has resulted in death threats against him and his team and hate and bias reports have been filed against them by fellow students.

“Being called a racist probably brings back the trauma that you inflicted on a race of people,” Mr. PicketttoldUW’s student paper, The Badger Herald.

He said he started Insert Apparel after another black student was spat on in one of the university’s on-campus dorms in March.

“Being a student of color and being a black student of color at this university is hard,” Mr. Pickett said told The Badger Herald. “The strength that you have to show is tremendous just to go to class and the culture shock coming here is unbelievable.”

Insert Apparel has sold 44 of the sweatshirts so far, and the “all white people are racist” sweatshirts are currently sold out. Mr. Pickett said the proceeds will go toward production and social causes such as the Black Lives Matter movement.



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