- Associated Press - Saturday, October 15, 2016

BANGOR, Maine (AP) - Donald Trump promised Saturday to bring jobs “roaring back” to northern New England and other parts of the country, while rejecting allegations he engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior.

Trump made campaign stops in Bangor, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Saturday, appearing before boisterous and defiant crowds voicing their rejection of criticisms against the Republican presidential nominee.

He reiterated recent statements that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “should have been prosecuted and gone to jail for what she did” in handling email communications as secretary of state.

“Instead of being held accountable, Hillary is running for president in what looks to many people like a rigged election,” he said in Bangor, as reported by the Portland Press Herald, claiming that the media was complicit in supporting Clinton. “This is a rigged system, folks, but we are not going to let it happen.”

Trump told his audience in Bangor that Maine had lost one in three manufacturing jobs as a result of trade deals agreed to by previous presidents.

In both Bangor and Portsmouth, supporters said they were sticking with their candidate, despite recent criticism of his sexually charged comments and alleged conduct.

Outside the Portsmouth event, Ed Groves, 79, of Hooksett, New Hampshire, said he was more concerned with Clinton’s role as secretary of state when four U.S. diplomats were killed in Benghazi, Libya, than about the recently aired allegations of sexual misbehavior by Trump.

“It’s just stupid. No pun intended, the Clinton people are groping for things to find,” Groves said. “Whatever he allegedly did, did he cost people their lives like she did in Benghazi? I rest my case.”



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