- - Sunday, October 2, 2016


Just when I thought about switching to the Libertarian Party, its 2016 presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, opened his mouth and Joe Biden fell out (“Aleppo 2.0: Gary Johnson can’t name single foreign leader,” web, Sept. 28). If the Libertarian Party has any hope of a future as a serious party, they need to disavow their association with him immediately. He has embarrassed himself, his running mate, his fledgling party, and anyone who may have been considering supporting it.

While my Republican Party has earned a reputation as feckless and weak and the Democratic Party is arguably corrupt and devious, the Libertarian Party is rapidly becoming the party of the clueless and whacky. I suggest the Libertarian leadership take a much-needed time out, reconsider their chosen candidate, and find a person with some semblance of credibility — although it is probably too late. There is no excuse for Gary Johnson that can explain away his mental lapses and bizarre behavior. It’s time to retreat, start over, and hope for a better outcome in 2020.


Dale City, Va.



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