- - Thursday, October 20, 2016


In 1974, we removed a president for lying to the American people and covering up a political burglary. We correctly deemed this necessary to confirm the ‘rule of law’ and strengthen our republic. In those days no one man or woman was above the law. The ‘cancer’ on the presidency and government was duly removed.

Some 40 years later, we find ourselves in similar circumstances. For 20 years, many have observed that a ‘cancer’ has been steadily growing in the executive branch. A lack of integrity and respect for law have flourished around powerful government officials. The lack of respect for truth and integrity in our nation has fed this ‘cancer,’ as have major news media outlets, which abdicate journalistic integrity to work for the election of one candidate.

The disease that was cut out in 1974 is now metastasizing across the executive branch, reaching deep into the Justice Department, IRS and most recently a compromised FBI. This bodes ill for the American people and the credibility of our government.

The hope for America’s ‘cancer’ is radical treatment. We must remove and prosecute those federal officials who have violated their oath and the public trust, and return to the rule of law. We may then promote truth and integrity by teaching the truth in schools and allowing the words and ideas of America’s Founders to be taught.


Kansas City, Mo.



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