- Associated Press - Thursday, October 20, 2016

PHOENIX (AP) - The Phoenix City Council has approved penalties for animal hoarding.

The council voted 8-1 Wednesday to pass an addition to the city code for animal cruelty.

People who hoard animals in Phoenix now will face a Class 1 misdemeanor and have to undergo a mental-health evaluation.

There will be penalties for people convicted of keeping, harboring or maintaining more than 10 animals under injurious circumstances.

Those circumstances include abandonment, keeping animals in unsanitary or overcrowded conditions, or failing to provide animals with necessities such as medical care, drinking water or food.

The ordinance will supplement Phoenix’s existing animal-cruelty rules and take effect in 30 days.

It also requires a mental-health evaluation of a convicted hoarder, who will have to pay restitution for the care of any seized and impounded animals.



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