- - Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Almost on a daily basis we hear about al Qaeda, the Islamic State, China, North Korea and Russia being a threat to our national security. But seldom do we hear of anything about Venezuela in this regard.

Shortly before the 2012 election campaign, The Washington Times ran a large, three-column editorial on Venezuela in which the writer reported that silos and centrifuges were being constructed for ballistic missiles. Yet during one of his stump speeches Sen. Obama called Venezuela a “tiny” country that did not “pose a serious threat to us.”

Several months ago on the John Batchelor Show, Mr. Batchelor interviewed one of his investigative reporters about Venezuela. The reporter said there were container ships going back and forth between Iran and Venezuela. Mr. Batchelor asked what was in the container ships. The reporter’s answer: “I don’t know.”

Many of us — and our enemies — remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. Today, we do not have a John F. Kennedy (who stood up to Khruschev and the Soviet Union) in the White House. Are we in for another missile crisis?





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