- - Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I have to admit that I never watch the Academy Awards; they’re just not my thing. I’m sure a lot of folks tune in to watch the Hollywood elites pat each other on the back, give each other awards and rant on about how each is more compassionate than the next about something. They want us to listen to them about important issues, from “climate change” (they all fly to the ceremony on private jets, by the way), to gun control (many make their money in extremely violent, gun-ridden films), to immigration (they all live in gated communities with private armed security). Not my kind of entertainment.

And when a Republican happens to occupy the White House, all their fire and ire is aimed in that direction. For all I know, President Trump watches the awards show; he might even enjoy it. Without fail, these know-it-alls delve into their liberal politics and tell us deplorables how wrong we are about everything conservative, how terrible President Trump is and how he will destroy our country.

And then they show us all how confused and unorganized they really are. It can’t be that hard to hand someone an envelope, walk to a microphone, or read from a card. Yet even with rehearsal, this is very confusing and challenging for Hollywood. It’s not like the award they messed up was for “Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language Short Documentary,” either. It was for Best Picture. The big deal. And they muffed it.

Hollywood can’t get an envelope right but they want to lecture me on something that’s actually important?


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