- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sen. Ted Cruz said Sen. Elizabeth Warren was “lashing out” at the American people Tuesday because she’s angry about the November election.

Mr. Cruz said Mrs. Warren was “lashing out at Jeff Sessions and, really, lashing out at the American people [because] she’s angry about the election.”

Republicans rebuked Mrs. Warren Tuesday on the Senate floor, saying she was impugning the character of Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is President Trump’s pick to be the next attorney general.

Senate Democrats are holding the floor to protest Mr. Sessions’ nomination.

“The Democrats are angry and they’re out of their minds,” Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican, said on Fox News.

“We’re seeing in the Senate the Senate Democrats objecting to every single thing,” he said. “They’re foaming at the mouth, practically.”

He said their anger isn’t directed at Republicans, but rather the American people.

“They’re angry with the voters. ‘How dare you vote in a Republican president, a Republican Senate, a Republican House?’” he said.



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