- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It makes total sense when you think about it: Anyone who’s anyone can just walk up behind you, unzip your bag when you’re not paying attention and take your stuff.

So why not put the zippers on the inside?

RiutBag by Riut has solved that problem with what it touts as a “backwards backpack,” which has the zippers for all pockets in direct contact with your back, making it much harder for anyone to steal your things without your somehow noticing.

I recently tried out the RiutBag, made in the U.K. on a trip to the West Coast while traveling for The Washington Times, and in addition to the security it offers, the bag straps are incredibly comfy, leaving none of those nasty shoulder soreness when you take it off. There’s a great pocket for your laptop too, and it’s also waterproof if you happen to get caught out in the rain.

It’s a great way to travel with piece of mind, well, at your back.



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