- - Tuesday, January 31, 2017


In an effort to distract attention from the historically unqualified labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder, Richard Berman sought to slander Oxfam (“Going after the choice for Labor,” Web, Jan. 23)

As a global anti-poverty organization, we at Oxfam are concerned with poverty all over the world — including here in our own country.

With his lengthy career as a corporate lawyer and CEO, Mr. Puzder has repeatedly favored the interests of the wealthy at the expense of equitable wage growth in America, equal opportunity and pay in the workplace, and basic protections for workers that ensure a productive workforce to compete in the 21st century.

While Mr. Puzder was at the helm of the company that owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, 60 percent of its restaurants were found by the Department of Labor to be denying wages to workers. While Mr. Puzder earned $4 million a year, he opposed raising both the federal minimum wage and the threshold for overtime pay.

Mr. Puzder has also criticized the concept of paid sick leave — meaning workers make your food while ill — and has complained about having to provide legally required rest and meal breaks to employees.

Hard work is a bedrock of America. But if you’re working full-time, living in poverty and tapping social-assistance programs, something’s wrong. As an anti-poverty organization, we cannot turn a blind eye to the poverty and inequality we see here at home. That’s why we believe Mr. Puzder’s experience and views are dangerous to working people and why we oppose his nomination as labor secretary.


U.S. domestic program director

Oxfam America




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