- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nationals star Bryce Harper had a request to Under Armor for his cleats during the All-Star Game in Miami — he wanted to honor the late Jose Fernandez. 

Fernandez, the former Miami Marlins star, died in a boating accident last year at 24. His absence from the All-Star Game in Miami was notable, and Harper wanted to pay tribute to him.

Harper explained why he did so after the game.

As baseball players, we’re a brotherhood. We’re not just playing against each other and whatnot,” Harper said. “When you lose a member of the baseball family, you always are upset. Tragic event with a great ballplayer that wasn’t good, so. What a great player he was. His memory was definitely felt tonight.

“With all the players in this clubhouse, seeing that locker over there, just gives you a sense of energy and passion that you want to take towards the game. Couple weeks ago, when I told Under Armour I wanted to throw that on my cleats and give him a salute, really let it be known I enjoyed watching him play, enjoyed the person who he was and definitely tough, but it’s for him.”

Todd Dybas contributed to this article. 



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