- - Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Through the years, various iterations of Congress and numerous presidents have developed a power grab through the two-party adversarial system, which provides a lifestyle of comfort for the political class. America has gone from a representative republic to a government of self-proclaimed, all-knowing, tin gods whose only interest is the self-preservation of their power and lifestyle.

Fueled by the media, Congress is of the opinion that the majority of the American people want to repeal and replace the so-called Affordable Care Act. In reality, this law was intended to be a gift to the insurance industry, and it evolved into a bitter pill that even the giants of the insurance industry could not swallow.

I believe the majority of the American people want the Affordable Care Act repealed. I do not believe they want it replaced immediately with another ill-conceived gift to the insurance industry. The Democrats, without input from the Republicans, gave us this proven disaster, which by their own admission needs to be changed. Now they demand Republicans alone craft a replacement bill that satisfies the desires of the political left.

While both Republicans and Democrats claim they can give the American people better, lower-cost health care, everyone knows this is a contradiction in terms. Still, in their infinite wisdom politicians want to add another of layer of cost with more mandates, regulations, subsidies, tax breaks insurance-industry gifts. It doesn’t matter whether the end result is controlled by the government or the private sector.

Though I am no expert, I do have a small measure of common sense. It, combined with my knowledge of history, tells me that no matter what eventually passes, not everyone will be happy — and some politicians will use that to keep their jobs and the lifestyle and power those jobs afford them. Meanwhile, America will pay the price.


Lakeland, Fla.



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