- - Sunday, July 2, 2017


Ever hear of grain-fed or “finished” beef? It is common practice for a farmer to increase the ratio of grain to forage to fatten up ruminant animals before slaughter. Nowhere in “Third of American pets simply too fat” (Page I, June 28) is it mentioned that what these pets eat might be the problem. Instead the reader is invited to the latest take on “eat less, move more.”

Monocrops are not only unsustainable, depleting top soil and aquifers, but apparently they are pushing pets into the same chronically diseased state of their owners. Maybe it is time for pet owners to actually read the ingredients in the foods they feed their pet, and decipher if it is really appropriate for that animal given the animal’s evolution. If humans did this for themselves, they might be able to stave off mass extinction, not to mention render the climate-change debate null and void.





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