- - Monday, June 19, 2017


Obamacare, Ryancare, McConnellcare, etc., are all disasters for the quality and expense of medical care in America. The solution is returning 80 percent of Americans to private-sector insurance in a nationwide marketplace. As insurance companies compete for customers, we will see the choices multiply. Federal mandates will be eliminated and the states will be encouraged to eliminate mandates as well.

In the marketplace, individuals, families, small businesses and corporations will find what they want at a price they can afford. The federal government’s role is to ensure that competition is free and open, and to prevent price fixing. Veterans’ hospitals can be converted into a system of federal-government hospitals for Medicaid recipients and those who don’t want insurance because of preexisting-condition requirements.

Veterans can be offered vouchers to purchase insurance. The Medicare-insured can continue receiving care as they do now; they, too, can be offered voucher options. Medicaid recipients can also be offered vouchers, or they may receive care in the federal-hospital system.

All special privileges for government employees should be eliminated. Illegals can receive care on an emergency basis, mainly at federal- government hospitals.


Salt Lake City



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