- - Tuesday, June 20, 2017


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has once again demonstrated an unbridled level of buffoonery. Her recent proclamation that the hateful and violent incidents we see today can be traced back to the 1990s during the Clinton administration and the attacks by conservatives and Republicans on Bill and Hillary is simply ludicrous and unfounded (“Pelosi: ‘Outrageous’ for Republicans to blame Democrats for heated rhetoric,” Web, June 15).

Someone needs to remind the former speaker of the House that correlating two disparate events that happened decades apart does not prove that one event was the root cause of the other. It would take a thorough investigation, tons of research and a statistical analysis to reach any such conclusion about the root cause of the current hostilities we are seeing. Of course, I would never expect Nancy Pelosi to understand any of this. She and the Democratic left prefer to deal in hyperbole, innuendo and impassioned, baseless pleas to their base. This approach has become the default strategy of a group of scurrilous scoundrels who seek power and position to the detriment of the freedom and liberty of most Americans.


Dale City, Va.



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