- - Thursday, March 30, 2017


Your editorial “Collapse and replace” (Web, March 28) does not contest the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of 24 million Americans losing medical-insurance coverage if Obamacare were to repealed. The CBO has grossly overestimated this figure by not taking into account the number of people who don’t want coverage through Obamacare and signed up only because they didn’t want to pay the fine (it is not a tax). Allowing people to choose not to be insured is hardly tantamount to throwing them off their health-insurance plans.

Doug Bader’s March 16 essay in the National Review estimates that in 2018 up to 14 million Americans will choose not to have insurance. Whether Mr. Bader will be proven right or wrong, the Times should have considered this factor before repeating the CBO’s erroneously conceived estimate.


Springfield, Va.



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