- The Washington Times - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Just in time for summer vacation season, there’s a new device hitting the market to help keep your kids entertained with hours of content.

PBS Kids has introduced a plug-and-play HDMI stick stocked with ad-free, kid-friendly shows and games, Engadget reported Wednesday.

The lime-green colored, racecar-shaped HDMI stick holds 1 GB of data and pairs by Bluetooth to a simple six-button remote control featuring “four direction keys, a center star button, plus a circular ‘PBS Kids’ button that acts as a catch-all home or back key,” Engadget explained.

“Once connected, you’ll immediately see the bright green PBS Kids home interface on your TV. There’s no need to sign up for anything, and there are no ads,” the tech site said. “The Plug & Play has a super simple [user interface], with a circular navigation menu in the center and a settings shortcut at the top right.”

While PBS Kids already has apps on streaming-video platforms such as Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, the new dongle is designed so that it doesn’t need a connection to the internet, making it perfect for travel to grandma’s house, for example.

The dongle is stocked with exclusive content including “50 sing-a-long songs, on-demand episodes of your kids’ favorite shows, Words of the Week, an interactive sound box where you can play around with different instruments and a ‘Rail Riders’ game — where you’re collecting different items on a railroad track,” Engadget said.

“The $50 device is available on Walmart.com now, and will be in Wal-Mart stores by May 24,” TechCrunch.com reported, adding that “[o]ther retailers will offer it later this year.”



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