- - Monday, May 22, 2017


I was stunned to read an apparent ad (not so identified) by A.H. Krieg, titled “Another French Fiasco,” in your national weekly edition on May 15. I will not lend credence to this outrageous rant by quoting its incessant and unsupported insults to Jews. I read “Mein Kampf” when I studied German history at Yale many years ago, and this ad was a similar excuse for reasoned, intelligent writing that should never have gotten by any of your editors.

I am not Jewish, nor do I support Israel uncritically, but I do not believe I should have to waste my time with this kind of trash, particularly when I am looking for the high-quality articles I usually find in your national weekly. Other than a few months’ hiatus a year or so ago, I have enjoyed The Washington Times for quite a few years, especially on national-defense issues.

However, if I ever see this kind of writing — most accurately described as neo-Nazi vitriol — in your paper again, I will not hesitate to cancel my subscription immediately.


Orange, Conn.



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