- - Sunday, May 28, 2017


In most parts of the country, there aren’t loud, violent protests against President Trump and his policies. Rather, most Americans are rooting for Mr. Trump’s success and hope he will continue to find the resolve to stand up to the “resistance.” Most of all, there is great hope and optimism that the president will live up to his promises.

The Washington establishment (aka “the swamp”) would have Mr. Trump and congressional conservatives believing that his first budget proposal is outrageous and unrealistic. However, everyone would do well to remember that it represents the fulfillment of several key campaign promises to the American people.

Specifically, the president’s budget repeals Obamacare, rolls back costly and burdensome regulations, and adds money for defense, border security and public safety. Despite increases in priority areas, Mr. Trump’s budget would still cut $3.6 billion in spending, and would lead to a balanced budget within 10 years.

Americans are tired of debt and national insecurity. The passage of this great budget would go a long way toward alleviating those fears and putting Americans back on the path to stability and economic freedom.





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