- - Monday, September 18, 2017


President Trump’s upcoming speech at the United Nations is an opportunity to redress the international body for its failure to promote and defend world peace. Decades of meaningless resolutions have led to thousands of innocent deaths. Allowing Russia and China to prevent meaningful sanctions or actions to curtail North Korea’s ability to launch long-range nuclear missiles is indefensible. Neither Russia nor China would tolerate having missiles fly over their countries, so why do they not support actions against North Korea for its missile launches over Japan?

Hundreds of thousands innocent civilian deaths are the results of U.N. failure to follow through on resolutions against Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Deaths have also been the result of U.N. ineptitude when it came to reacting to the genocide in Rwanda and the Sudan, and the barbaric actions of the Syrian government. The U.N. still cannot have its inspectors check all of Iran’s nuclear weapon sites, and Iran has admitted that it could produce nuclear weapons within a few months. It remains the world’s largest terrorist threat.

Unless the U.N. takes appropriate actions on its resolutions against Iran and North Korea, it does not deserve further support.


Centerville, Mass.



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