- - Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Does anyone remember the case of the Minneapolis police officer killing an unarmed Australian woman a few months ago? In case you have forgotten, Justine Damond called 911 because she thought someone was being sexually assaulted outside her home. After the police showed up, she walked out to their car. Officer Mohamed Noor killed her.

Ms. Damond was unarmed, hadn’t broken any laws and was in her pajamas. Oh, and by the way, both officers were wearing body cameras but they weren’t turned on.

Officer Noor hasn’t been fired, interviewed by investigators or charged with any crime. County Attorney Mike Freeman will decide if charges will be filed near the end of the year. Why the wait? Isn’t it illegal for a police officer to kill an unarmed, innocent woman who hasn’t broken any laws?

Any police officer who kills an unarmed person who hasn’t broken any laws should be fired and charged with the killing. No police officer should have a license to kill.


Greensboro, N.C.



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