- - Thursday, September 7, 2017


Ed Rendell and Judd Gregg give an excellent bipartisan list of solutions to the national economic-security threat we face from Congress failing to raise the debt ceiling (“Playing politics with the nation’s financial future,” Web, Sept. 5). But they miss at least one solution that could solve many other problems: early investments in prevention.

From the prevention of medical problems, to the prevention of climate change and terrorism, nearly every aspect of our personal and national security is at risk from a government that only reacts to crises once they have happened. Instead we need to abide by the wisdom and intelligence of multiple and repeated bipartisan commissions, scientific studies and the laws of nature and God espoused in our Declaration of Independence. Failing this will inevitably lead to catastrophic consequences costing more blood and treasure than any people, faith or nation can endure.


Former Chair, United Nations Association Council of Organizations




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