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FILE - In this Nov. 6, 2014 file photo, Illinois state Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, speaks after a meeting of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules in Chicago. Lang is co-sponsor of a bill being proposed Monday, March 2, 2015, to combat heroin and prescription drug abuse. The bill is a byproduct of a legislative task force that traveled around the state over recent months to hear testimony from doctors, coroners, pharmacists, treatment centers, addicts and family members on heroin use and its correlation to prescription drug abuse. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

Illinois lawmakers to propose measure to battle heroin abuse

- Associated Press

Two Illinois lawmakers plan to propose bipartisan legislation Monday to combat growing heroin and prescription drug abuse, though they acknowledge it may be tough to pass in a difficult budget year.

Tourism thrives in Malaysia despite association with tragedy

- Associated Press

Two airplane catastrophes put Malaysia on the map in a bad way in 2014. But they didn't hurt the country's tourism, and the higher visibility may even have helped: visitor numbers had their strongest growth in years.

Dearth of jobs a barrier to post-bankruptcy Detroit's growth

- Associated Press

When Alison Norris couldn't find work in Detroit, she searched past the city limits, ending up with a part-time restaurant job that's 20 miles away but takes at least two hours to get to via separate city and suburban bus systems.

Iconic Cajun food company celebrates 60 years

- Associated Press

Eula Savoie started a business 60 years ago selling sausages made from a hand-operated meat grinder. Since then, it's become a regionally known business delivering some of the best of Cajun cuisine to the world.

Westby couple trades in Twin Cities life for farming

- Associated Press

Aaron and Andrea Kane weren't raised on farms - and they started out with more citified occupations - but their family now is as rooted in the land as the produce on their organic farm.

Keepsake from '60s proves to be family harbinger

- Associated Press

Until a few weeks ago, a Feb. 21, 1962, copy of the Hattiesburg American was little more than a keepsake stashed away in a trunk full of memories and moments.