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Self-driving car driver killed in Florida collision, a first

- Associated Press

The first U.S. self-driving car fatality took place in May when the driver of a Tesla S sports car using the vehicle's "autopilot" automated driving system died in a collision with a truck in Florida, federal officials said Thursday.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew talks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 21, 2016. Lew was talking about the Puerto Rican debt crisis. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Obama quickly signs Puerto Rico financial rescue bill

- Associated Press

President Barack Obama signed a rescue package on Thursday for financially strapped Puerto Rico, which is facing more than $70 billion in debt and a major payment due Friday.

Oregon minimum wage, hotel tax going up July 1

- Associated Press

New laws kicking in Friday will give a slight boost to the paychecks of more than 100,000 low-income Oregonians while tourists and vacationers will have a little less spending money.

In this Wednesday, June 29, 2016 photo, Lane Pentz and his family drive their cattle up the road in Morgan, Utah. The Pentz family moved its herd of cattle along a stretch of northern Utah highway Thursday despite an ongoing dispute with state transportation officials about the practice.  (Spenser Heaps/The Deseret News via AP)

Ranching family in clash with state officials over cattle

Associated Press

Western ranchers usually tangle with federal officials over land use issues, but a northern Utah ranching family is locked in a clash with Utah state officials over the family's right to move cattle along a stretch of Interstate highway.

NY issues bank regulations against money-laundering

Associated Press

New York regulators are requiring banks to maintain programs to monitor and filter transactions for possible money-laundering and transactions with entities and nations subject to trade sanctions.