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In this Wednesday, June 23, 2010 photo, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announces in Canberra, Australia, that his party has called a leadership vote just months away from national elections. Australia will have its first woman prime minister on Thursday, as Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard has enough support to beat incumbent Kevin Rudd in a Labor Party ballot, several media outlets have reported. (AP Photo/AAP Image, Alan Porritt) **FILE**

Australia’s wind-power market deflates

If you are sailing miles from shore and come upon the rusted prows of sunken ships, you can be sure that water is not that deep and it would be a good idea to change course. Australia is just the latest ship’s prow to warn us away from the treacherous path of green-energy mandates, taxes, and subsidies. Among the others have been Germany, Spain, and Italy.

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