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In this Tuesday Jan. 26, 1999 file picture, Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez of Chile, holds the book "De Exorcismis et Supplicationibus Quibusdam" (Of Exorcisms and Supplications), the Vatican's new guidelines on exorcism, presented during a news conference at the Vatican. The 1999 guidelines, written in Latin, update the last set written in 1614. After four centuries, The Vatican's guidelines for driving out the devil includes a caveat not to mistake psychiatric illness for diabolic possession. America's Roman Catholic bishops say there's a shortage of exorcists in the country. To fix the problem, they're holding a conference Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 and Saturday in Baltimore on how to perform the rite. (AP Photo/Marco Ravagli)

What is the devil's favorite sin? An exorcist responds

Catholic News Agency

Is an exorcist afraid? What is the devil's favorite sin? These and other questions were tackled in a recent interview with the Dominican priest, Father Juan Jose Gallego, an exorcist from the Archdiocese of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.