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Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio is among the luminaries attending the Republican National Lawyers Association's 30th anniversary festivities and conference. (associated press)

Republicans talk of an imperial presidency - and royalty visits the White House

- The Washington Times

Stand back, now. "The Rise of the Imperial Presidency" was the official theme for the Republican National Lawyers Association gathered to celebrate the august organization's 30th anniversary with a conference and private reception, plus a bristling guest list that included Sens. Bob Corker, Rob Portman, John McCain and Orrin Hatch; Rep. Susan Brooks; former Attorney General John Ashcroft; and former FCC Chairman John Wiley, among others.

President-in-waiting: Trump trumps his critics

- The Washington Times

It is inevitable political theater: Donald Trump has formed an exploratory committee for a presidential campaign, and like clockwork, the Democratic National Committee couldn't wait to capitalize on it. Mr. Trump made his announcement with customary flourish and candor, fascinating fans and annoying rivals.

Veteran broadcaster Larry King is in the nation's capital to celebrate 58 years in the news and interview business. (Ora TV)

Larry King: A man who actually listens

- The Washington Times

Veteran broadcaster Larry King is in the nation's capital for a fancy fete on Wednesday to honor his long career — 58 years and counting — and review the parade of people he has interviewed over the decades. Indeed, Mr. King, 81, has sat opposite some 50,000 luminaries, including seven presidents, politicians, actors, athletes, media mavens, the famous and the infamous.

Half of federal video surveillance footage goes unanalyzed says a new MeriTalk report, which also says the footage has "untapped potential." (Associated Press)

54 percent of federal video surveillance footage goes unanalyzed - with 3.3 trillion hours to come

- The Washington Times

Smile for the cameras, which continue to catalog life as we know it in the name of security. But new research finds that 54 percent of video surveillance at federal agencies never gets examined, this according to "Video Vortex," a new MeriTalk analysis that tapped the opinions of 151 security managers and IT analysts from the federal and Defense communities.

New research from Judicial Watch based on official documents reveals a partial tab of $17 million for presidential jaunts on Air Force One. (U.S. Air Force)

Watchdog group turns up a $17 million tab for Air Force One

- The Washington Times

Behold, the White House announces: "On Thursday, March 12, the President will travel to the Los Angeles area where he will tape an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and attend a DNC event." Just to catch up, President Obama also went on a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Atlanta on Tuesday. Judicial Watch continues to send timely Freedom of Information Act requests to the U.S. Air Force, seeking hard data on how much such jaunts cost, what with Air Force One costing $206,337 an hour to operate.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will join Sens. Rand Paul and Corey Booker, to introduce marijuana legislation before the U.S. Senate. (AP Photo).

Rand Paul, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand bring 'sweeping' medical marijuana bill to the Senate

- The Washington Times

It has been described as "sweeping bipartisan legislation," and here it is: Sens. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, plus Democrats Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York gather at high noon Tuesday in the U.S Senate to announce the "Compassionate Access, Research Expansion and Respect States Act" — legislation that will end federal prohibition of medical marijuana, allowing patients, physicians and retailers to participate in associated programs "without fear of prosecution." Advocacy groups are poised as a complicated situation unfolds with the "Carers" act.

One analyst wonders if Hillary Clinton's emails will be scrutinized by the press as closely as recorded White House telephone conversations made by Richard Nixon preceding Watergate. (Associated Press)

The poll numbers are in: 'Clinton's troubles are costing her politically'

- The Washington Times

Happy for something to do, press and pundits are mulling over Hillary Rodham Clinton's private email system that was in use during her time as Secretary of State, trying to ferret out the future implications for 2016 and the Democratic Party in general. But here and now, the situation is affecting voters. Poll numbers are in.

Retired neurosurgeon, author and founding publisher of American CurrentSee Ben Carson has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a White House bid. (Associated Press)

What's really behind Ben Carson's appeal

- The Washington Times

The political marketplace is often a shrill, cluttered place. But when likely presidential hopeful Ben Carson speaks, people pause. They heed his words. Why is that? "There's a calmness, a humbleness about him. He has the ability to listen. Americans haven't really seen these qualities on the public stage before," Terry Giles tells Inside the Beltway.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton will both be in Washington on Tuesday. They are shown here during a diplomatic moment in 2010, when Mrs. Clinton was still Secretary of State. (Associated Press)

Political moment du jour: Benjamin Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton — both in D.C. at the same time

- The Washington Times

In 24 hours, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will step before a joint session of Congress to have his say about Israel, its security and its place on the planet. But wait. Of political note: Hillary Rodham Clinton will also be in town on Tuesday for the 30th anniversary of Emily's List, the pro-choice group which has thus far raised $400 million for Democratic women candidates. Mrs. Clinton will receive the "We Are Emily" award at a major hotel. The pair, essentially, will be about 20 blocks apart; the press will have much to speculate upon.

Americans are under the perception that George W. Bush is more of a "hawk" than his brother Jeb Bush. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

They don't know him: Two thirds of Americans can't say if Jeb Bush is a hawk - or dove

- The Washington Times

A pivotal moment at the Conservative Action Political Conference comes Friday when Jeb Bush steps before an audience who are still trying place him in the presidential spectrum. Yes, he has name recognition, a posh political pedigree and is a quick study. The 6-foot-3 Mr. Bush is not easy to intimidate. But in a world bristling with lone wolves, restless nations and asymmetric warfare, is he hawk or dove? The public is not sure, says William Jordan, assistant editor of the YouGov Poll.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will be among the speakers as the annual spectacle that is Conservative Action Political Conference kicks off with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance at 8 a.m. Thursday. (Associated Press)

CPAC: 72 hours of speeches, spectacle - and serious politics

- The Washington Times

Jumbotrons, spotlights, patriotic colors, soaring music, American flags and a cast of some 200 celebrated speakers who stride across the broad stage every 20 minutes. And so it begins: the 72 hours of conservative togetherness that is CPAC — the Conservative Action Political Conference — awakens with a prayer, a presentation of colors and the Pledge of Allegiance at 8 a.m. sharp Thursday.

FILE - In this Sept. 26, 2014, file photo, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. speaks in Washington. Paul is sprinting into the 2016 presidential primary season even with big challenges looming.The libertarian-minded Republican senator from Kentucky is set to visit several Western states this month before reintroducing himself to voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina as operatives try to strengthen his national political network. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

The libertarian mind commands some notice - and a 'manifesto for freedom'

- The Washington Times

A big chunk of American voters now say they are "independents," according to a recent Gallup poll — 43 percent, in fact, with Democratic and Republican leaners trailing along behind. Just in time for those independents, and people curious about third-party candidates, here comes "The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom," to be introduced at the Cato Institute on Tuesday in the nation's capital.