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A historical image and a poignant moment from the Korean War  (DOD)

Korean Americans, vets, Peace Corps alumni to honor 1953 cease-fire

- The Washington Times

Organizers predict an “eclectic mix” of people on hand to honor military veterans, and to observe the anniversary of the cease-fire treaty signed on July 27, 1953, marking the end of hostilities of The Korean War. Many will gather Saturday Along the National Mall near the reflecting pool to remember the three year “Forgotten War,” which drew 1.8 million Americans into battle; 33,739 died in combat on Korean soil, 103,284 were wounded.

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Results from two undercover investigations at roadside zoos revealed inhumane treatment of tiger cubs exploited for photographic opportunities, indiscriminate breeding of tigers, rampant trade in cubs for public handling and dumping of the cubs once they were no longer profitable. The Humane Society of the United States conducted the investigations at Tiger Safari in Oklahoma and Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia. These roadside zoos allow members of the public to pet, feed, pose and play with baby tigers for a fee. The investigations also provided a snapshot of the unfettered breeding of big cats for the exploitation of their cubs, the resulting surplus of adult big cats, and the animal welfare and public safety implications when large cubs are discarded after ceasing to be profitable. In this image, tiger cub Deja chews on an exposed electrical outlet at Natural Bridge Zoo in between photo shoots with the public. (Michelle Riley/The Humane Society of the United States via AP Images)

2 Virginia zoos cited in PETA neglect complaint

Associated Press

The animal protection group PETA says it has filed federal complaints against two zoos in Natural Bridge, citing the alleged neglect of monkeys, zebras and other animals.