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  • ACLU appeals denial of California migrant shelter

    By Associated Press

    The American Civil Liberties Union on Friday appealed a San Diego suburb's decision to reject a shelter for unaccompanied children arrested by the Border Patrol. Published August 2, 2014

  • Cruz attacks Shaheen on immigration

    By STEVE PEOPLES - Associated Press

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has joined Republicans injecting immigration into New Hampshire's U.S. Senate contest. Published August 1, 2014

  • CIA director reverses himself on Senate spying

    By KEN DILANIAN - Associated Press

    For months, CIA Director John Brennan stood firm in his insistence that the CIA had little to be ashamed of after searching the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee. His defiant posture quickly collapsed after a devastating report by his own inspector general sided against the CIA on each key point of the dispute with the Senate. Published August 1, 2014

  • Maine senators visiting US-Mexico border

    By The Associated Press - Associated Press

    Seven U.S. senators, including Susan Collins and Angus King of Maine, have visited the Texas-Mexico border on a fact-finding mission focusing on the immigration crisis. Published August 1, 2014

  • Driver charged in Arkansas for illegal transport

    By Associated Press

    Federal authorities have charged a Guatemalan man arrested in Arkansas with transporting people who are in the country without legal permission. Published August 1, 2014

  • Colorado to issue driver's licenses to immigrants

    By IVAN MORENO - Associated Press

    Colorado will begin issuing driver's licenses and identification cards to immigrants Friday regardless of their legal status, underscoring a sea change in a state that less than a decade ago passed strict immigration enforcement laws. Published August 1, 2014

  • Colorado issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

    By Ivan Moreno - Associated Press

    Colorado has started issuing driver's licenses and identification cards to immigrants regardless of their legal status, marking a dramatic change in a state that less than a decade ago passed strict immigration enforcement laws. Published August 1, 2014

  • Lawmakers pass major bills as formal sessions end

    By STEVE LeBLANC - Associated Press

    Massachusetts lawmakers approved several major pieces of legislation early Friday morning, blowing past a midnight deadline in a somewhat chaotic finish to the end of formal meetings in their two-year session that began in January 2013. Published August 1, 2014

  • Kansas City moves to ban open carry of firearms

    By Associated Press

    The City Council in Kansas City has voted unanimously to ban the open carry of firearms, but the law could be stripped by a measure state lawmakers have approved to limit cities' abilities to craft such rules. Published August 1, 2014

  • House GOP weighs tough new immigration bills

    By DONNA CASSATA and ERICA WERNER - Associated Press

    House Republicans pushed legislation on Friday that could clear the way for eventual deportation of more than 500,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as kids and could address the surge of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Published August 1, 2014

  • Utah lobbyists required to wear badges at Capitol

    By MICHELLE L. PRICE - Associated Press

    Lobbyists at Utah's Capitol became marked people on Friday, as a new law went into effect requiring them to wear a badge bearing their name and the word "lobbyist" as they try to influence public officials. Published August 1, 2014

  • News briefs from around Kentucky at 1:58 a.m. EDT

    By Associated Press

    Before television, Kentucky politicians had to travel to the annual Fancy Farm picnic to make sure their message got out to a large crowd. Published August 1, 2014

  • Dogs that killed Michigan man will be euthanized

    By Associated Press

    A couple charged with second-degree murder after their two dogs fatally mauled a Michigan jogger agreed Friday to give up ownership of the animals and have them euthanized. Published August 1, 2014

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