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The camps of GOP candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump remain mum on whether or not the billionaire front-runner is considering Mr. Cruz as a running mate. (Associated Press)

Running mate? Tea party activists convinced Trump eyeing Cruz for ticket

- The Washington Times

A group of tea party activists is convinced that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has struck a secret deal with rival Sen. Ted Cruz to guarantee the Texan the vice presidential spot on the ticket, and conservatives are raving that it would be the best pairing since Harry Burnett Reese combined peanut butter and Hershey’s chocolate.

After falling behind, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is back on top, holding a 2-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in a Quinnipiac University poll this week. (Associated Press)

Trump’s resurgence from general attacks a test for critics

- The Washington Times

The Club for Growth thought it had dented Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s chances in Iowa with ads accusing him of being a false conservative, but the billionaire businessman has surged back to the lead in polls, showing a staying power that’s confounded pundits and fellow candidates.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. **FILE**

Obamacare waivers present dilemma for administration

- The Washington Times

President Obama faces a major decision on Obamacare over the next year as states begin to apply for waivers to the sweeping law, pressuring the administration to either welcome or resist experimentation with his top domestic achievement.

Republican hopeful Donald Trump will be staging a jumbo rally in Sarasota, Florida, followed by another on Monday in Georgia, followed by yet another Tuesday in New Hampshire and still another on Wednesday in Virginia. (Associated Press)

What holiday? The campaigns crank back up

- The Washington Times

Hubbub resumes. Thanksgiving is already in the rearview mirror for many presidential hopefuls meandering back on the campaign trail following their respective family feasts. Things get particularly busy by Sunday, when the candidates will go scrambling, willy-nilly, for voter attention in battleground states. But that’s next week.

Jeb Bush soldiering on despite calls to quit the race

- The Washington Times

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush kept plugging away in his struggling campaign Wednesday by hurling attacks at front-runner Donald Trump, but GOP strategists increasingly advise him to start thinking about getting out of the race.

An globelike tent hosting an exhibition on climate is set up in the courtyard of the French Environment Ministry. President Obama will head to a historic climate change summit in Paris next week. (Associated Press)

Obama power limited at Paris climate change summit COP 21

- The Washington Times

President Obama will head to a historic climate change summit in Paris next week with a fragile U.S. commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and analysts say the president is limited in terms of concrete promises and instead will act as little more than a “cheerleader” in the fight against global warming.

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George H. W. Bush   Associated Press photo

Weak, confused and 'unable to grasp'

- The Washington Times

Many bad things happen when a leader is weak, confused and forever in search of a credible reason to do nothing. For all his softness on Islam, Barack Obama has little insight into the men who send out mobs to cry "death to America." He can't imagine that men can listen to the call to evening Muslim prayer, which so captivated him as a boy growing up in Indonesia -- "the prettiest sound on Earth" -- and be inspired to dream of bringing down death on America.

Modern-day pilgrims mark first Thanksgiving in New Jersey

- Associated Press

Refugees and asylum seekers who have recently arrived are among the thousands of immigrants marking their first Thanksgiving many miles from their native countries, which endure civil war, terror and human-rights abuses.

Americans say they personally are more watchful for terrorism this Thanksgiving weekend, a poll finds. At such travel hot spots as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia, the extra presence of law enforcement is apparent. (associated press)

Americans watchful but grateful this Thanksgiving

- The Washington Times

A little jittery? You are not alone. While the turkey roasts, while family and friends gather, most Americans will "have their eyes open" for the potential threat of terrorism Thursday — and well into the weekend. Fifty-one percent say they will be more watchful for possible terrorist attacks this Thanksgiving weekend than they have been in the past, says a new Rasmussen Reports survey.