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Civilians inspect the aftermath of a car bombing near a restaurant in a commercial area of central Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015. Iraqi officials say a car bomb exploded around midnight Monday in central Baghdad killing and wounding civilians. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban) ** FILE **

Car bombings across Iraq kill 36, wound dozens

- Associated Press

A series of car bombings across Iraq Monday killed at least 36 people and wounded dozens as the government continued its efforts to combat extremism across the country.

In this Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 photo, Syrian refugees wait to sign up for a return bus to the Syrian border, at the U.N.-run Zaatari refugee camp near Mafraq, northern Jordan. Growing numbers of Syrian refugees are returning to their war-ravaged homeland from Jordan because they can't survive in exile after drastic aid cuts, can't afford to pay smugglers to sneak them into Europe or are simply homesick. (AP Photo/Raad Adayleh)

Syrian refugees increasingly return to war zones in homeland

- Associated Press

Growing numbers of Syrian refugees are returning to their war-ravaged homeland from Jordan because they can’t survive in exile after drastic aid cuts, can’t afford to pay smugglers to sneak them into Europe or are simply homesick.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is engaging with the world community. He said he wants to be remembered as the man who restored his country's greatness. (Associated Press)

Putin’s power: Russian president keeps tumultuous world guessing

- The Washington Times

Moscow’s bombings in Syria, coupled with Vladimir Putin’s railing against the U.S. at the United Nations General Assembly last week, have thrust the Russian president into the global spotlight and rejuvenated debate over the extent to which he is an evil geopolitical genius, a strategically brilliant hustler — or some combination of both.

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., speaks to members of the media following a U.S. Senate delegation tour of the over-budget Veterans Administration hospital complex, which is under construction, in Aurora, Colo. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Plan to transfer Gitmo detainees angers Colorado

- The Washington Times

The Defense Department’s plan to consider two Colorado prisons as possible destinations for Guantanamo Bay detainees is meeting with outrage from the state’s Republican congressional delegation, demonstrating the political resistance President Obama faces as he tries to honor his promise to close down the Cuba detainee facility.

An Israeli border policeman checks papers at the entrance to the Old City in Jerusalem on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. Israeli police barred Palestinians from Jerusalem's Old City on Sunday in response to stabbing attacks that killed two Israelis and wounded three others, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a "harsh offensive" to counter rising violence. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

2 Palestinian teens killed by Israeli fire in clashes

- Associated Press

Israeli troops fired at stone-throwers in West Bank clashes Monday, killing two Palestinian teens and raising fears about an escalation of violence at a time of growing diplomatic friction between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

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Former Navy pilot sues US government over bipolar diagnosis

- Associated Press

A former Navy pilot has filed a $35 million lawsuit against the federal government alleging that a Veterans Affairs doctor misdiagnosed him with a mental illness that caused him to lose his ability to fly commercial airplanes and be wrongly treated for the disorder for a decade.

Snowden: I'd go to prison to return to US

Associated Press

Edward Snowden says he has offered to return to the United States and go to jail for leaking details of National Security Agency programs to intercept electronic communications data on a vast scale.

US commander says Afghans requested US airstrike in Kunduz

- Associated Press

Afghan forces who reported being under Taliban fire requested the U.S. airstrike that killed 22 people at a medical clinic in northern Afghanistan over the weekend, the top commander of American and coalition forces in Afghanistan said Monday, correcting an initial U.S. statement that the strike had been launched because U.S. forces were threatened.

A Russian Navy ship named 'Caesar Kunikov' passes through the Dardanelles strait in Turkey en route to the Mediterranean Sea, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015.  Russia began launching military operations in Syria on Wednesday. (Photo/Burak Gezen/DHA via AP) TURKEY OUT

Turkey vows to protect borders after Russian jet incursion

- Associated Press

Turkey's prime minister vowed Monday to take all necessary measures to protect the nation's borders from violation after a Russian fighter jet entered its airspace over the weekend, prompting Turkey to scramble jets and summon the Russian ambassador in protest.

Official: US questions Russian flight incursion into Turkey

- Associated Press

The U.S. does not believe Russia's incursion into Turkey's airspace was an accident, a senior U.S. official said Monday, adding that urgent talks are underway on what to do about the weekend incident.

This Nov. 15, 2013 photo released by NASA shows the three-story Human Exploration Research Analog habitat at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The space agency, which is contemplating a future journey to Mars, is working with a military laboratory at the submarine base in Groton, Conn., to measure how teams handle stress during month-long simulations of space flight. (Bill Stafford/NASA via AP)

How to prepare for Mars? NASA consults Navy sub force

- Associated Press

As NASA contemplates a manned voyage to Mars and the effects missions deeper into space could have on astronauts, it's tapping research from another outfit with experience sending people to the deep: the U.S. Navy submarine force.