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Ben S. Carson

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Dr. Ben Carson. (Image from

CARSON: Your govt. is morbidly obese

I remember one story of a morbidly obese person who had to be lifted out with a crane after a wall was removed. This reminds me of our federal government, which was once agile and responsive, but now is so large and cumbersome that it has difficulty with the simplest of tasks.

Dr. Ben Carson speaks at the Values Voter Summit in October, 2013. (Doug Wetzstein/special to The Washington Times)

CARSON: A better alternative to Obamacare

We as a nation need to focus significant emphasis and resources on providing good health care for all of our citizens. My question is this: Can we provide this without turning over control of our most important possession to the government?

President Obama listens as Dr. Ben Carson addresses the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Theresa Caldwell hopes liberal and conservative blacks "share a belief in the power and possibility of African-Americans." (Courtesy of C-SPAN)

CARSON: Dr. Ben's prescription for shutdown pain

The Obamacare battle is not politics as usual with the expected partisan bickering to which we have grown accustomed. When it comes to ascribing blame for the current shutdown, we the people must be wise and should resist being led like sheep by members of the political class and the media.

Dr. Ben S. Carson (Courtesy of Dr. Carson)

CARSON: Can you trust anybody anymore?

When babies are born, they have little choice but to trust their caregivers, who are usually the parents. As they mature and are able to distinguish one person from another, they tend to show great preference for the parents with whom they have bonded.

Illustration by Linas Garsys for The Washington Times

CARSON: Honoring the right of the ballot

I have had the opportunity to visit many countries, and I have taken it upon myself to inquire how people in other nations prevent voter fraud. Even those from Third World countries tell me that everyone has some type of official voting credential that is nationally recognized.