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  • EDITORIAL: Michigan's classroom hostages

    By - The Washington Times

    August means recess for Congress, the final weeks of vacation for students (the crickets begin to take on a particularly mournful sound at dusk), and this year, teachers in Michigan have a shot at freedom — if they hurry. The teachers union has been holding teachers hostage, but if they're diligent they can escape over the next few weeks. Published July 30, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: A happy immigrant story

    By - The Washington Times

    The news is not always bad, though it sometimes seems that way. Madeleine K. Albright, the former secretary of state, says that "the world is in a mess," and who argues with that? But in the gathering gloom, there's an occasional shaft of sunlight, and caught in the light is Meriam Ibrahim, 27, her husband Daniel Wani and their son, Martin, age 18 months, and Maya, age one month. They're free at last, recuperating from a remarkable ordeal and soon to be on their way to their new home in America. Published July 30, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: The real Lois Lerner

    By - The Washington Times

    Conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status had their applications denied by IRS bureaucrats who called them names like "crazies," "rabid" and other words that can't be printed in a family newspaper. The tax agency is supposed to be run by nonpartisan, career professionals, but the latest set of emails released by the House Ways and Means Committee suggest the agency is anything but. Published July 30, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Cellphones, steering wheels and safety


    It's difficult for some people not to tell other people what to do, and sometimes it's a shame that people have to be told what they ought to have figured out themselves. Published July 25, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Obama's 'economic patriotism' means higher taxes


    These past five years have been very good for Wall Street and administration cronies, donors and other campaign benefactors. The revolving door between corporations and government has never spun faster than under President Obama, who once promised he wouldn't hire lobbyists. Published July 25, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Gun-shy Obama


    His triumph in 2012 gave President Obama the flexibility he wanted to begin an all-out push for gun control. Published July 24, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: More Kennedy snake-oil medicine


    Poking fun at liberals and their schemes is good sport. When they draw up a solution to the world's ills, the result is always waste, duplication, fraud and disaster. Sometimes those ideas from the fringe can be downright dangerous. Published July 24, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Detroit's water 'spigot bigots'


    Some people find racism everywhere they look, even in the kitchen faucet. In Detroit, the NAACP has applied the "racist" label to a public water works because it's shutting off service to customers who won't pay their water bill. Published July 24, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Feds harassing the deliveryman


    The Department of Justice doesn't have time to investigate the abuse of taxpayers at the IRS, but it has plenty of time to harass shipping companies FedEx and UPS, making life difficult for everybody as only the government can. Published July 23, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Obamacare enrollees faking for freebies


    Obamacare was revealed to have a fatal flaw on Tuesday when federal appellate courts split over the legality of the subsidies crucial to the health care plan. The subsidies have been given to anyone who asks for them. Published July 23, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Poor Hillary, rock-star wannabe


    Many of the Democrats who tell the world from the bumpers of their hybrids that they're "Ready for Hillary 2016," regard Hillary Clinton as something of a rock star. She does, too. Published July 23, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: Mr. Monkey's business in merry old England


    There's a bounty, sort of, on the head of Mr. Monkey in Old Blighty, where he made sport of the South Tyneside Council. Mr. Monkey is a blogger with a sense of humor, which is dangerous. The borough's councilmen spent more than $365,000 on a search that brought them across the sea to the steps of California's second-highest court. Published July 22, 2014

  • EDITORIAL: A new witch hunt in Salem


    Salem, Mass., is infamous for its witchcraft trials of 322 years ago, which is just how the town likes it. Published July 22, 2014

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