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Ruinous transformation deliberate

Thank you for running “Obama is no incompetent” by Don Feder (Web, Feb. 11). Mr. Feder’s analysis is right on the money; President Obama knows exactly what he is doing. I believe he was certain, too, that his plans to “fundamentally” change this nation would succeed because he knew the mainstream media, liberal to its core, would support everything he did and never challenge him.

Renewable Fuel Standard a win-win

Ever since the Iowa caucuses, the oil industry’s spinmeisters have ramped up their misinformation campaign regarding ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) (“Renewable Fuel Standard deceit,” Web, Feb. 8).

Women in combat unconscionable

I am the father of three women and the grandfather of three girls. I am also a retired Army officer who graduated from West Point and has seen combat. Therefore, when I heard that the Army chief of staff and the commandant of the Marine Corps had called for women to be subject to selective service, I became apoplectic.

Candidates, answer Obama question

This nation is in serious trouble, both domestically and internationally. We have open borders, illegal immigration, a looming financial crisis with a national debt nearing $20 trillion and unfunded governmental obligations totaling more than $100 trillion. We also have growing welfare programs and a level of polarization never seen before in this country.

Importance of music understated

Throughout history music has played an important role in human development. It is \a primary element in nearly all of hummanity’s diverse cultures. Scientists are discovering that in addition to the positive effects on human health, music enhances intelligence. Research shows that music is to the brain what physical exercise is to the human body.

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Obama's extremist-mosque misstep

I am befuddled by and totally outraged at the dense rhetoric in President Obama's thinking -- and in the thinking of the millions who believe a man with no experience and no known credentials for his current job.

This 'catch-and-release' not Bush's

The lead paragraph in "Obama reinstates 'catch-and-release' policy for illegal immigrants" (Web, Feb. 4) appears to include a lie when paired with information in the next paragraph. The clear implication is that "catch-and-release" was a George W. Bush policy. In fact Bush inherited and subsequently ended the policy.

Knowledge gains up to students

Thank you, Michael Poliakoff, for pointing out the lack of capability of many college graduates ("College ignorance and the threat to liberty," Web, Feb. 3). While agreeing with the points Mr. Poliakoff makes, it should be noted that the problems he describes pervade the whole educational system and apply equally to middle and high schools.

Trump, Cruz not right for U.S.

I have always believed the people of Iowa to generally be good-natured, decent individuals who make up the heartland of America. That image has sustained a hard hit with the stunning and sad selection of Republican candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as front-runners in the Iowa presidential caucuses.

Article V convention for change

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio is correct: The federal government is out of control ("Marco Rubio amplifies call for constitutional convention, courts conservative voters"). Our national debt will soon be $20 trillion, and that does not even include the close-to-$100-trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Racism still a U.S. problem

Those who say we no longer have a problem with race relations in the United States are either blind or ignoring the facts. In 1962, my mother became enraged when a cousin, who at the time was a police officer in Dodge City, Kan., said that the "problem" of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement could be solved by marching every black American into the deserts of Nevada and dropping a couple of hydrogen bombs.

Dislike of Cruz just anger

As an intermediate-school teacher, I know that it is usually the best teachers who are the most disliked by the unsuccessful, unproductive students. These teachers don't take the easy path of avoiding the confrontation caused by attempting to correct the failure-producing attitudes of such students. Rather, they accept the disdain they receive for seeking to improve poor academics.

Freedom, liberty not party issues

I think most Americans believe that our three branches of government have lately failed to live up to their responsibilities to the people of this country.

Trump's supporters in for surprise

Pundits have recently figured out that Donald Trump has tapped into the anger that the majority of Americans have toward the ruling class in both parties. They have also finally figured out that, as Victor Davis Hanson has pointed out, Americans find an emotional release in hearing a person express his anger on a national platform and across the media universe. Many people who have for so long felt voiceless feel that they are finally being heard.

Clinton not best Democratic choice

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton really the best we can do for a Democratic presidential candidate? Frankly I am tired of all the wordsmithing and hair-splitting regarding her emails and the issue of those emails' classification. The information we are being fed by her campaign and its supporting pedants is all nonsense. There are but a few points that, in my view, are germane.

Abbas no partner for peace

Thank you for your editorial "The Obama legacy" (Web, Jan. 21), which notes the Palestinian terror campaign of stabbings, car rammings and shootings that has killed 25 Israelis, an Eritrean, an American and a Palestinian, and observes that although there is "no evidence of central direction from the Palestinian leadership ... they are clearly the result of a vicious campaign of hatred and pleas to spill Jewish blood."