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Peace through perseverance

In order to foster regional peace and stability, economic prosperity and sustainable transit by commercial container ships, as well as to seek out a path to coexistence and mutual prosperity, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has proposed a peace initiative that provides a viable empirical model for peaceful resolution of territorial disputes in the South China Sea (“Carter chides China over approach to territorial disputes,” Web, April 10).

Refuse ‘game show’ presidency

Those who will vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president in 2016 are the same who voted twice for the current White House resident. That Mrs. Clinton is even on the political scene for consideration of the top position in our federal government says much of the present condition of politics and the electorate. If we are to succeed in righting the ship it will come down to us, the American people.

Iran deal bad all around

There is much to be concerned about when a tentative agreement reached by the P5+1 powers, at the urging of President Obama, allows retention of the most potent weapons Iran has. First, there is no limit on the terrorist actions of Iran, nor are there limits on its support of its involved allies, including Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and the rebels in Yemen and Bahrain.

Menendez corruption only problem now?

Why has The Washington Times not covered in more detail the recent charges against Sen. Robert Menendez, New Jersey Democrat (New Jersey Sen. Menendez to face federal corruption charges: report,” Web, March 6)? The Department of Justice has accused Mr. Menendez of corruption (i.e., accepting free airplane rides and other gifts from an old friend who needed help in securing some federal contracts).

Contained fighting could up U.S. security

Due to indecision by the Obama White House to support moderate Sunni rebels in Syria, Islamic terrorists in Syria (the so-called Islamic State) were able to reposition forces and attack the Iraqi army, which folded and abandoned its U.S. equipment, including many Humvees and 155-millimeter guns.

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Say no to 'Big Sister' Clinton

Maybe it's just the conservative in me, but when I heard Hillary Rodham Clinton say that "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion so you can do more than just get by — you can get ahead and stay ahead," my first thought was "Big government" ("Hillary Clinton announces 2016 bid, says she's running for 'everyday Americans,' April 12).

What about Krajina Serbs?

It's all very well for Pope Francis to recognize the Ottoman genocide of Armenians, but what about Pius XII's silence regarding events across the Adriatic in wartime greater Croatia ("Pope recalls slaughter of Armenians in 'first genocide of the 20th century,'" Web, April 12)? Hundreds of thousands of civilian Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia were slaughtered by the Croatian Ustasha regime. Their only political ambition was to lie low given that Serbia proper was under brutal German occupation and their only crime was their national and religious identity.

Base Russia policy on current reality

I read with interest the piece reminiscing over the meeting of American and Soviet forces on the Elbe in 1945 ("When Americans and Soviets were comrades-in-arms," Web, April 2). Instead of looking at that meeting of our forces as a discrete, static event, some historical context may be useful. Perhaps if the Soviets had not invaded Poland with Germany and proceeded to provide material support to the Nazi war machine, assisting Hitler in avoiding the British naval blockade, such a historic meeting may never have been necessary.

Still a 'community organizer' at heart

We elected President Obama as a statesman and leader. We didn't expect him to be a psychoanalyst and a mock priest. But on April 5 he told Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, "I think the biggest threats that they face may not be coming from Iran invading ... . It's going to be from dissatisfaction inside their own countries." So maniacs are driving themselves to decapitations and crucifixions?

Choice not basis for civil rights

Civil rights in our nation are provided to citizens on the basis of who they are, not what they do. The fact of being a banker, farmer, priest, plumber, senator, president or any other modern-society job grants no one any civil rights. But those same individuals do have civil rights on the basis of their race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap or national origin. And all of these are components of who these citizens are, not what they do.

On Iran, no one to trust

President Obama appears to be on the road again, electronically speaking, hyping the yet-to-be-agreed-upon nuclear deal with Iran. He is pitching a scenario that is totally opposite from the one Iran is relating. Both cannot be right.

Obama strategy clear failure

Iran sanctions work, and if necessary they and a show worldwide of U.S. military and economic strength must be increased. The liberal-left, anti-war withdrawal strategy of President Barack Obama and the Democrats has not and will not stop the Iran ballistic-missile and nuclear-warhead program. It does not stop Iran from taking over the Middle East, gobbling up Iraq and Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. It does not stop Iran from endangering Israel or the Arab states, nor does it halt Russian expansion.

Make a deal — any deal

In the late 1950s there was a slogan that reminds me of what is taking place between Iran and the Obama administration: "Better red than dead." It was coined as the United States was put on its heels by the Russians in talks to reduce nuclear weapons. We were reducing testing while Russia continued to test and develop more nuclear weapons.

Obama's Middle East disaster

President Obama said his Iran nuclear deal is good, which is what he says about everything he has done ("Obama takes victory lap on 'historic' nuclear deal with Iran," Web, April 2). Were Obamacare and Mr. Obama's energy, economic, diplomatic, military and immigration actions and policies (or the framework for the deal with Iran) good or really bad? The latter has to be the answer. Climate change is not our biggest threat for the next century; the biggest threat lies in our not confronting Islamic terrorists who continue to slaughter, torture and subjugate Christians, Jews and Muslims.