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Abortion doesn’t improve lives

Contrary to critics at Ohio State University, Madison Gesiotto’s op-ed of last month defending black American children killed by abortionists is the very opposite of racist (“The number one killer of black Americans,” Web, Oct. 23). The critics, however, are guilty of age discrimination.

White House losing credibility

Among the more heartbreaking scandals emerging from the Obama presidency is the widespread loss of public trust in the veracity of what the president and top officials in his administration say to “We the people.”

‘Political correctness’ a misnomer

The concept of ‘political correctness’ is not legitimate. Somehow the term has stuck, as evidenced by its usage in Gerald Walpin’s excellent piece (“The demise of academic freedom,” Web, Nov. 19). Unfortunately, it’s probably here to stay, though, because of common usage.

Real enemy is in White House

Having had President Obama in office for almost seven years, the American public should no longer be confused about who the real enemy is. During his reign in office — yes, reign is the correct description of his time in the White House — Mr. Obama has abandoned all the principles that have made this a great nation. Denigrating our democratic friends internationally while coddling the perpetrators of terror, he has destroyed the credibility of our nation and our stated mission.

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U.S. murder rate still high

The U.S. response to the Paris terrorist attacks is a farce. American leaders are using the atrocities as an opportunity to bamboozle the gullible masses by displaying phony outrage and self-righteous indignation. Publicity-addicted celebrities are willing participants in the sham.

Recall Roosevelt's message

President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his 1941 State of the Union address to Congress as Europe was going up in flames. A true leader, Roosevelt spoke of the values that this nation, while imperfect, tried to make a reality.

Action needed to fix Obama policies

Major disappointments, frustration and the loss of hope can result in great anger. Much of America, especially the black community, is hurting economically. This follows the very high hopes the black community had in 2009 when President Obama came to power. Today, however, black wealth is actually much less than it was in 2009 and the poverty rate is higher.

Time to 'shout' so leaders hear

Some of us will remember the iconic rant of TV anchorman Howard Beale as portrayed by Peter Finch in the 1976 movie "Network." In the film, lead character Beale is an aging and now unttractive newscaster about to get the 'ax.' Plummeting ratings have demanded his head. On the very night which is to be his last, Beale bares his soul, tormented — but not because this is the end of his career, but because it is the end of the civilized world as he knew it.

Obama destroying U.S. at any cost

There's a trail of blood leading from Paris to the White House, where a reluctant commander in chief sits biding his time as his term in office runs out. President Obama is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State and the deaths in Paris. He was warned and forewarned that if he pulled the troops out of Iraq, it would create a vacuum that would be filled by invaders.

Climate plan an exercise in futility

When Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy sits for a deposition in the Murray Energy legal case against the Clean Power Plan (CPP), she should be asked how much the CPP's carbon-dioxide reductions would affect climate. If Ms. McCarthy gives the same answer she gave in the Sept. 18, 2013 hearing of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, she will have to admit that the CPP will have no measurable impact on climate ("Lawsuit to stop 'war on coal' could derail Obama environmental agenda," Web, Nov. 18).

Syrians must help fight Islamic State

Hours before the Islamic State's attacks on Paris, President Obama stated that the terrorist group had been "contained." In January 2015 Mr. Obama called ISIS a "JV" (junior varsity) team that had little significance. Apparently Mr. Obama forgot to inform the Islamic State that it is insignificant.

Good intentions don't win wars

President Obama informed us when he was first contending for the presidency that he viewed American intervention abroad as the proximate cause of much global turmoil. If elected, he said, he would pursue an open-hand policy toward all while shrinking our military, our nuclear arsenal and our propensity for being hands-on.

U.S. turned blind eye too long

With allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who needs enemies ("Islamic State 'not contained' as Paris attacks show," Web, Nov. 14)? We ignored Riyadh's promotion of Wahhabism and tolerated its playing of the destructive sectarian card against the 'apostate' Shiites. The merciless attacks on Shiite worshippers by Sunni Wahhabis occur with sickening regularity in Iraq and Pakistan, and lately in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait.

Create volunteer U.S.-Muslim army

In searching for a strategy against the Islamic State, President Obama should call for and arm a volunteer brigade of U.S. Muslims to fight the terrorist group. Politically incorrect? No way. Just as men in my German-American family went into uniform to fight the Germans in World Wars I and II, American Muslims should be asked to show their loyalty to the United States through their action now.

Where is federal government's loyalty?

The president, almost all Democrats and most of the media seem unfazed when officials of sanctuary cities absolutely ignore federal immigration laws. But when state governors want to protect their residents from potential terrorists, those same people say the governors do not have the right to turn away refugees that the federal government intends to force upon them.

Stop terrorism -- one way or another

Candle lighting and congregation in places of worship to honor the deceased following terrorist acts of barbarism demonstrate how much we value life. This is not a 'language' understood by the terrorists. It is time that Muslim religious leadership from all over the world now proactively take on the task of protecting the tenets of their religion, and either through dialogue or other means restrict the perpetrators of these crimes from use of force against human life.

Dangerous refugee relocation

I have just been informed that several thousand refugees may soon be relocated here to the White Mountains of Arizona, somewhere in the White Mountain Apache Reservation, if my information is correct. If this happens, will Muslim 'refugee' men rape local women?