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Are we safe?

Praying church members were recently killed during a shooting in Charleston (“Obama intent on gun restriction with or without help of Congress,” Page I, June 22). We as a nation are outraged, knowing not even our churches are safe for peoople to attend and worship. Where does it all end? Who will step up to protect us from harm? We live in a society where we have earned the expectation of being able to walk the streets, attend grade schools and universities, go to movies and pray in our chosen houses of worship. We should not have to equip our kids or ourselves with military protective gear in order to do these everyday tasks.

Marriage already available to all

People who rob banks are called bank robbers. People who tell a lie are called liars. People who play golf are called golfers. People who have sex with a partner of the same sex are called homosexuals or gay. People who have sex with an opposite-sex gender partner are called heterosexual.

Atrocities aren’t campaign stops

When President Obama came forth to condemn the recent slayings at a Charleston church, he delivered a political statement about guns, in effect making the situation about his agenda and disregarding the feelings of the families who were suffering a great loss. Hillary Clinton did the same thing, crafting her public comments about the atrocity in order to serve her own purposes. These two narcissists acted like children saying ‘Look at me’ instead of politicians giving thoughtful responses to mourners.

In 2016, one way out

President Obama is making it painfully clear that he will leave a monarchial legacy of social, political and economic pain, severely diminished national security and racial discontent. Indeed, if elected, Hillary Clinton would leave a similar legacy, including gender discontent.

New public-safety ideas needed

The loss of nine innocent lives at a church Bible study on June 17 in Charleston begs for improved standards of safety at most indoor public assemblies. This should include social, church, political, educational and business events with an established threshold of 50 attendees or more.

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Other factors determine violence

Karl Rove presented a popular, contra-factual, deceptive statement when saying, "the only way to guarantee that we will dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society," thereby implying repeal of the Second Amendment was required. However, a study completed a few years ago and published in the Harvard Journal of Law an Public Policy found that within the United States and across European countries, violent criminality and suicide were unrelated and often inversely related to gun ownership.

Flag removal would be insult

Like "political correctness," demanding the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds is an attack on free speech "Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott call for removal of Confederate flag from S.C. capitol," Web, June 22).

Individuals, not things, kill

After any tragedy it has become the norm for society to place the blame on some aspect that they may have control over. In the case of the murders of nine black parishioners in South Carolina, the blame is being placed on the Confederate flag. It's as if many think that if the Confederate flag hadn't been around, this murderous act would not have happened.

No 'free' in free trade

All this talk about "free trade" might make an uninformed person believe that opening up trade with foreign companies will result in free trade for American businesses and workers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Resist reactive measures

Thoughts are with the victims of last week's South Carolina church shooting. Unfortunately, the left again pushes for divisive, ineffective gun control instead of addressing the root causes of the problem.

Obama team the true 'JV'

In "Panel told 73 TSA workers no threat despite terror ties" (Web, June 17), the author quotes the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security's ranking Democrat, Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York. She said the Transportation Security Administration's failure to vet the security risks "strikes me as sloppy, and there's no place for sloppiness when we're dealing with the security of our nation's aviation system." Really? "Sloppy" is what you call the way your son dresses for school or the condition of your daughter's closet. Criminal is what you call the failure of our government to connect the dots in its ineffective, feeble attempts to safeguard our nation.

Gay 'marriage' affects others, too

The Supreme Court will soon rule on marriage. The April hearing brought many questions. Justice Kennedy wondered how the plaintiffs could "know better" than millennia of traditional marriage. Justice Alito mentioned past cultures, such as the ancient Greeks, who accepted homosexuality without redefining marriage. Justice Alito questioned whether redefining marriage would allow polygamous couples to marry. Justice Roberts said, "My question is you're not seeking to join the institution, you're seeking to change what the institution is."

Trump the boy who cried wolf?

During the 2012 election season Donald Trump was saying a lot of politically incorrect things that were right on the mark — and he was generating interest right up until the time he decided a TV show was more important than the country. We are now in the 2016 general election season and Mr. Trump is again making politically incorrect statements that are again right on the mark. Is this all for publicity? Is Mr. Trump just a really rich guy looking for excitement? If he is not sincere about a presidential run I wish he would stop confusing the issue.

Dolezal flap a pride issue

Rachel Dolezal's long-running deception was a bad thing done by a woman who has clearly lost her real identity ("Rachel Dolezal, Spokane NAACP president, steps down amid race backlash," Web, June 15).

Mega-church mega-greed

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and Russian philosopher Leo Tolstoy had mega-church pastors like Creflo Dollar in mind. Schopenhauer said, "The physician sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity."

Pope no climate expert

When did the pope become an expert on the climate ("Tom Steyer, Pope Francis, and climate change hypocrisy," Web, May 27)? What business does he have declaring that climate change is caused by man's actions?

More turbine hot air

Yesterday, June 15, wind-energy rent-takers marked "Global Wind Day." This is just another orchestrated media event designed to distract taxpayers, electricity consumers and wind-turbine victims from the follies of wind energy.

Religious leaders not infallible

Pope Francis is infallible, or so his flock believes, in matters of Catholic religious doctrine. His clerical robes and position as leader of Roman Catholicism, however, grant him no special expertise when it comes to other subjects fraught with dispute. He brings nothing new to the table with respect to the vicissitudes of climate, the vexing Palestinian problem, changing hemlines in women's fashion or any other of the problems that beset us.