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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cabs are anachronisms in face of Uber

“Have Uber app, will travel” is essentially how I look at the Uber concept at this point. My experience with the car service in Chicago, San Francisco and Northern Virginia has been so positive I wonder why cab companies are still around (“D.C. Council approves rideshare regulations as taxi drivers protest,” Web, Oct. 28).

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No winners in a post-diplomacy world

With the kinds of uncivil, immature and undiplomatic comments coming from our "leaders" who should know better, it is no wonder that America is losing more and more friends daily and gaining enemies by leaps and bounds ("John Boehner jabs Obama: Bush 'would have punched [Putin] in the nose,'" Web, Oct. 28).

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reject Warner's 'bipartisan' charade

"Mark Warner a reliable Obama foot soldier despite bipartisanship claims" (Web, Oct. 24) notes that Sen. Mark R. Warner, Virginia Democrat, showed some independence during his Senate term by supporting gun rights, which happens to be one of the few areas in which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tolerates deviations from the party line.