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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cabs are anachronisms in face of Uber

“Have Uber app, will travel” is essentially how I look at the Uber concept at this point. My experience with the car service in Chicago, San Francisco and Northern Virginia has been so positive I wonder why cab companies are still around (“D.C. Council approves rideshare regulations as taxi drivers protest,” Web, Oct. 28).

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: End of Christianity in Middle East?

While humanitarian help for the beleaguered Christian communities in the Middle East should be high on our list of immediate concerns, the recent history of the region indicates that in a few years most of the nations in it will be Christian-free (“Help desperately needed for Middle East Christians,” Web, Oct. 27).

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No winners in a post-diplomacy world

With the kinds of uncivil, immature and undiplomatic comments coming from our “leaders” who should know better, it is no wonder that America is losing more and more friends daily and gaining enemies by leaps and bounds (“John Boehner jabs Obama: Bush ‘would have punched [Putin] in the nose,’” Web, Oct. 28).

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