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Putin KGB to the bone

Vladimir Putin was born Oct. 7, 1952. He joined the KGB in 1975 after graduating from the International Law branch of the Law Department of the Leningrad State University. Mr. Putin remembers the Cold War.

IRS statement regarding FOIA lawsuit

There are a number of news accounts that incorrectly identify the Internal Revenue Service as being involved in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit with Cause of Action (D.C. District Court Civil Action No. 1:13-cv-01225-ABJ). That lawsuit involves the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) and its investigations, not the IRS.

Terrorists don’t respond to questioning

The Feinstein hit on the CIA has occasioned a new round of soul-searching (“Democrats define ‘politicization’ with so-called torture report,” Web, Dec. 15). Can we define torture, or is it subjective? Should we apply the Potter Stewart approach to the definition of torture, recalling that the Supreme Court justice acknowledged that he could not define obscenity but knew it when he saw it? It seems that torture, like beauty or obscenity, is in the eye of the beholder, that waterboarding holds water in some quarters but is torture in others.

Greenpeace has legacy of destruction

Greenpeace’s desecration of the World Heritage-designated Nazca Lines in Peru is just the latest appalling offense the ultraradical organization has committed (“Greenpeace’s Nazca lines stunt prompts Peru to seek criminal charges,” Web, Dec. 11). Greenpeace activists have attempted to storm oil platforms, have destroyed crops and trespassed at nuclear power facilities. While these activists may think they’re getting their message out, all they’re really doing is disrupting life for the public and now risking doing grave damage to what the United Nations has determined is “a masterpiece of human creative genius.”

Protect Yellowstone buffalo from hunting season

We’ve been given no other choice but to seek Endangered Species Act protection for the Yellowstone buffalo (“Many ideas floated over Yellowstone park bison,” Web, Dec. 14). This important action has been taken by the Buffalo Field Campaign and Western Watersheds Project.

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Information-leaking double standard

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is sitting in prison for letting out secrets that damaged our nation's safety. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is living in self-imposed exile in Russia for letting out secrets that damaged our nation's security. Yet Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, is a hero to the liberal news media for letting out secrets that could damage our nation's security and cause harm to Americans here and abroad.

Fanning racial flames

Are various political and religious radicals in the United States deliberately increasing racial tensions and mistrust in order to convince the poorly informed that they need these radical leaders for protection? I believe so, and I think those willing to remove their politically correct blinders will see the evidence, too.

Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Louis Farrakhan set back race relations progress

White Americans send their white children to black educators, get pulled over by black police officers, go in front of black judges, go under the knives of black doctors, admire black entertainers and sports professionals, and interact with black members of the American family in myriad other ways on a daily basis. The American civil rights movement saw massive, sweeping legislative victories on our soil, yet men such as Attorney Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr., Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan behave as if all this has not taken place, and they circumvent the idea of peace and cooperation between the races (as does the first black president). The onus is on black leadership in America to honor these legislative victories and extol their virtues rather than ignore them and foment racial strife, angst and division, thus doing real harm to race relations.

Iran nuclear cheating calls for more missile defense

Iran is once again showing the world its leaders can't be trusted ("U.S. condemns Iran's detention of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian," Web, Dec. 7). They jail American journalists for no reason. And now they are allegedly cheating on the interim nuclear sanctions agreement that recently extended peace talks.

Six years of mayhem

As his sixth year in office draws to a close, President Obama continues to add to our list of problems. Republicans in charge of Congress must unite to reverse the flawed policies, executive orders and rules and regulations that have negatively affected our economy, military, security, health care, education and personal and religious freedoms.

Keeping U.S. safe, free has costs

The world would be such a grand place if all children had something to eat, no one lied or cheated, courtesy was the rule and we all loved one another. The reality, however, is that there are some really evil people out there who could not care less about others and would just as soon kill some people as look at them.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Report release endangers U.S.

As Americans we should be greatly outraged to learn that the Obama administration has released a report on the CIA's interrogation techniques in the years following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks ("U.S. prepares for security risks from torture report," Web, Dec. 8). We have to ask ourselves on whose side the president of the United States stands.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ferguson destroyed itself

I am not sure about the rest of America, but I have had enough of Ferguson, Missouri. You can blame the recent riots across our country and the continued sensationalism of the Ferguson riot on the news media, be it TV, print or Internet, along with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and their ilk. Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Farrakhan should be arrested and charged for inciting this riot; they, along with Attorney Gen. Eric Holder and a racially divisive president, continue to incite violence. We have laws on the books, but our 'community organizer' turned his head until the rioting was over, then convened a summit at the White House to discuss how it could have taken place.

Wage raise hurts workers

Much of America, especially the black community, is being hurt by our nation's dire economic situation. This follows the very high hopes this community had during the beginning of 2009 when President Obama took office. Black wealth has declined since 2009 while the black poverty rate has risen. Overall black unemployment is tragically high and youth unemployment is an astronomical 36.8 percent. This 36.8 percent does not count the many who have given up hope and left the labor market altogether.