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Obama silent on police murder

The unconscionable ambush assassination of Houston Deputy Darren Goforth this week continues the war waged by murderous gangsters against police throughout the nation (“Suspect in ambush of Houston-area deputy due in court,” Web, Aug. 31).

End voter fraud with IDS

Debate continues on whether we should require photo identification for all voters. One must consider why it is appropriate to require an ID for the writing a check or the paying of a bill (and taxes), but it is ‘unreasonable’ to require a voter to identify himself when it comes to choosing our leaders.

Use existing illegals law

Why does Donald Trump say 11 million illegal aliens must be deported, while others are claiming this would be an impossible task? In fact, there is a solution requiring no deportations, and it’s already law: the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8.

Clinton server not unclassified

In his op-ed “Hillary’s rookie errors with classified information” (Web, Aug. 26) Daniel Gallington offers an excellent tutorial on the carefully constructed security china shop through which Hillary Rodham Clinton recklessly rampaged.

Related Articles

Confederate flag has rich history

This country owes as much of its enviable martial heritage to the U.S. south as to the north. But now to serve popular morality, we apparently must banish from history the Confederate battle flag and those who served under it.

U.S. heroes deserve more

French President Francois Hollande immediately recognized the heroic actions taken by three quick-thinking young Americans, a French citizen and a British grandfather in preventing a great threat to human life on Aug. 21 ("Americans, Briton who thwarted train attack get France's top honor," Web, Aug. 25).

Hackers responsible for deaths

A group recently hacked into, exposing millions of infidelities. This has already resulted in two possible suicides ("Ashley Madison fallout includes extortion, possible suicides; $500,000 reward offered," Web, Aug. 24).

'Welfare' abuse extends further up

Both "Boot camp, not benefits" and "When welfare beats work" (Web, Aug. 19) make good points: Welfare for the poor is expensive and too comfortable and it fosters mutual political dependence between recipients and government -- and of course, we need to do something about the whole thing.

End for Hillary?

Many of us on the far-right end of the dial have taken up chortling and raucous merriment in response to Hillary Clinton's plunging poll numbers, rising disapproval ratings and generally dismal summer ("Donald Trump gains ground as support for Hillary Clinton slips," Web, Aug. 19).

Democrats seek vote replacements

Democrats need black citizens as "customers" and a source of baby body parts for the abortion industry. They also need black men and women as voters, since 90-plus percent of black votes go to Democrats.

GOP is party of 'we can't'

Talk about the GOP feeding its voters a cow chip. That's what it felt like when we were told recently that if the Republican Party got the Senate back, things could happen to curtail a runaway administration. Well, what has happened so far is a whole bunch of nothing.

Teachers hardly overpaid

Isn't there something wrong with a Harvard professor cooking up surveys with questionable methodology in order to get in a kick at public-school teachers' pay rates ("Teachers and schools are funded at a higher rate than most people know," Web, Aug. 13)?

Come together for transportation

The clock is again ticking on federal transportation funding, which runs out at the end of October. Congress must make passing long-term, comprehensive transportation legislation a priority this fall.

Book review history check

In his otherwise accurate and, I'm pleased to note, very positive review of my latest book, "Last to Die: A Defeated Empire, a Forgotten Mission, and the Last American Killed in World War II," Joseph C. Goulden writes that I "suffered severe wounds in Vietnam" ("Remembering the last American to die in World War II," Web, Aug. 16).

'Likeability' won't save U.S.

I am now reading that even though Donald Trump is leading the polls owing to his concern for the issues important to Americans and his proposals for dealing with those issues, those who like him say they wouldn't support Mr. Trump in the general election. This is because his "likeability" is lacking.

Taney upheld the law

The three aldermen from Frederick, Md., who voted to expel the bust of Chief Justice Roger Taney from their city hall should review Taney's role in Maryland and U.S. history.