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Carson not candidate — yet

On March 27 I was advised that a guest op-ed I wrote for The Washington Times on March 25 was raising questions about whether I was describing myself as a candidate for president of the United States (“The learning curve of a candidate,” Web, March 24). First, I have enjoyed my time writing for The Times and thank all of the readers who have given me feedback. While my words may not have been precise, be assured I have not declared my candidacy for president in any shape or form.

Abortion as dangerous as ever

John M. Thorp Jr. and Clarke D. Forsythe clearly and correctly make the point that no one can truthfully say abortions are safe because there is no accurate data reported on abortion injuries and deaths (“The unhealthy state of abortion statistics,” Web, March 26). Mr. Thorp and Mr. Forsythe suggest a federal law requiring the collection of abortion statistics so this data can be analyzed and the risks to women’s health and safety can be accurately determined.

Say no to convention switch

I am tired of conservatives being blamed for the actions of libertarians who wish to shift to a nominating convention. This contingent says a convention would be to the benefit of conservative candidates, but the only Republican that would benefit from such a switch would be Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Islamic State won’t stay in Middle East

Last summer I wrote several letters urging U.S. forces to take out the Islamic State before the terrorist group strikes America. I argued that the Islamic State might have its sights set on Capitol Hill or Hollywood. Given the terrorists’ twisted logic, they believe these two iconic landmarks are the symbols of American hedonism and must be destroyed.

Hypocrite Obama has armed guards

Now that the Islamic State has declared war on our stateside personnel (“U.S. sees ‘more sophistication’ in Islamic State cyber capabilities,” Web, March 21) it is time President Obama rescinded his inappropriate executive order denying officers and staff noncommissioned officers the ability to be armed while on base or when traveling to and from their homes and quarters.

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Corizon can serve DC jail well

Your recent article, "DC Jail medical contract sparks city council criticism" (Web, March 18), may leave readers with a faulty impression of our company and what's at stake in the pending D.C. City Council vote to approve our award.

Looks can be deceiving

It doesn't surprise me that millionaire Robert Durst has been linked to the 1971 disappearance of a female Vermont college student and is the prime suspect in the murders of a neighbor and friend and in the disappearance and likely murder of his wife, Kathleen Durst ("Robert Durst, Houston millionaire, returning to court in New Orleans," Web, March 23).

GOP must be the anti-Obama

President Obama's policies have failed, he ignores the Constitution and has the Department of Justice ensure that his will becomes de facto law. He will allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons and is willing to abandon Israel. Knowing that, it would be important not to have another Obama-like Democratic president in 2017, one who would complete the transformation of the United States into a government in total control of all aspects of citizens' lives.

Bongino for Senate

I know it is still early, but so far only Maryland Democratic representatives Chris Van Hollen, District 8, and Donna Edwards, District 4, have announced plans to run for retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski's open Senate seat. This does not give Maryland voters any good choices or hope for making things better in Maryland.

GMD insurance against Iran

One way to neutralize a nuclear Iran without the kind of costly entanglements your columnist predicts is to bolster our defense against a potential Iranian attack ("Russia's endgame and Obama's end run in the Iran nuclear talks," Web, March 16).

Obama the duplicitous one

"Words matter," was White House press secretary Josh Earnest's recent explanation of the Obama administration's intent to reassess its support for Israel regardless of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's clarification of his campaign comments "Benjamin Netanyahu win forces Obama to re-evaluate Middle East peace strategy," Web, March 18). But as words and actions go, President Obama has been the duplicitous one.

Cancer screenings save lives

With March being Colon Cancer Awareness Month, it's time that the public and media paid more attention to this silent and deadly disease. Despite being the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States, the stigma of colon cancer screenings still exists in the United States and abroad.

Ensure records returned

Some 60 years ago, as the result of an automobile accident it became known that a government official was carrying secret materials in the trunk of his car. That was considered a big scandal at the time. Now we learn that the last three secretaries of state did not certify the return of classified materials in their possession ("State Dept.: 'No record' of signed document from Hillary Clinton affirming records turned over," Web, March 10).

'Hard-line' alternative is destruction

President Obama must reconcile himself to more "hard-line" leadership from newly reelected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Imagine — Israel, a nation the size of New Jersey, elected a "hard-line" government just because it has a toxic mix of the Battle of Stalingrad, the Rape of Nanking and the Spanish Inquisition on its borders and 1.3 billion contentious, ungovernable neighbors. The morning after the Israeli election the Tunisian Parliament was shot up. Just another day in the non-Israeli Middle East.