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U.S. has social, ethical problems

If Donald Trump were to become president he would most likely make this country rich financially. Still, ancient Rome fell, wealthy but lacking morals; wrong was just as good as right in the public square.

Obama’s extremist-mosque misstep

I am befuddled by and totally outraged at the dense rhetoric in President Obama’s thinking — and in the thinking of the millions who believe a man with no experience and no known credentials for his current job.

This ‘catch-and-release’ not Bush’s

The lead paragraph in “Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants” (Web, Feb. 4) appears to include a lie when paired with information in the next paragraph. The clear implication is that “catch-and-release” was a George W. Bush policy. In fact Bush inherited and subsequently ended the policy.

Knowledge gains up to students

Thank you, Michael Poliakoff, for pointing out the lack of capability of many college graduates (“College ignorance and the threat to liberty,” Web, Feb. 3). While agreeing with the points Mr. Poliakoff makes, it should be noted that the problems he describes pervade the whole educational system and apply equally to middle and high schools.

Article V convention for change

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio is correct: The federal government is out of control (“Marco Rubio amplifies call for constitutional convention, courts conservative voters”). Our national debt will soon be $20 trillion, and that does not even include the close-to-$100-trillion in unfunded liabilities.

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Dislike of Cruz just anger

As an intermediate-school teacher, I know that it is usually the best teachers who are the most disliked by the unsuccessful, unproductive students. These teachers don't take the easy path of avoiding the confrontation caused by attempting to correct the failure-producing attitudes of such students. Rather, they accept the disdain they receive for seeking to improve poor academics.

Freedom, liberty not party issues

I think most Americans believe that our three branches of government have lately failed to live up to their responsibilities to the people of this country.

Trump's supporters in for surprise

Pundits have recently figured out that Donald Trump has tapped into the anger that the majority of Americans have toward the ruling class in both parties. They have also finally figured out that, as Victor Davis Hanson has pointed out, Americans find an emotional release in hearing a person express his anger on a national platform and across the media universe. Many people who have for so long felt voiceless feel that they are finally being heard.

Clinton not best Democratic choice

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton really the best we can do for a Democratic presidential candidate? Frankly I am tired of all the wordsmithing and hair-splitting regarding her emails and the issue of those emails' classification. The information we are being fed by her campaign and its supporting pedants is all nonsense. There are but a few points that, in my view, are germane.

Abbas no partner for peace

Thank you for your editorial "The Obama legacy" (Web, Jan. 21), which notes the Palestinian terror campaign of stabbings, car rammings and shootings that has killed 25 Israelis, an Eritrean, an American and a Palestinian, and observes that although there is "no evidence of central direction from the Palestinian leadership ... they are clearly the result of a vicious campaign of hatred and pleas to spill Jewish blood."

Memo to Mabus: Butt out

Will the Obama administration's need to undermine tradition and efficiency in the United States never be satisfied? Now Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, whose own military background amounts to a very brief Navy enlistment, has decided that he knows more about managing the U.S. Marine Corps than the men who have dedicated their lives to just that ("Liberal Democrat slams 'ridiculous' Navy chief for forcing female integration on Marines," Web, Jan. 12).

Islamic Relief provides needed aid

The picture of Islamic Relief Worldwide painted by Kyle Shideler in "Funding terrorists must end" (Web, Nov. 29) is riddled with inaccuracies. It undermines the good name of an organization trusted by governments, U.N. agencies and hundreds of thousands of donors to deliver life-saving aid around the world.

Media right on Trump Liberty flap

Charles Hurt's criticisms of the media coverage of Donald Trump's most recent publicized incident completely miss the point ("Donald Trump's Corinthians misquote overblown by media," Web, Jan. 19). Mr. Hurt expounds on the reasons that conservative evangelicals support Mr. Trump, attributing it to the fact that like Mr. Trump, they are politically incorrect people living in a society that directly opposes or demonizes the ideals for which they stand.

'Green' agenda hurts West Virginia

The article "West Virginia natural gas production numbers 'shocking'" (Web, Jan. 23) was an interesting read and well-written. These production numbers for oil and natural gas are a glimmer of good news because with the way the Obama administration is determined to eliminate the use of coal in the United States, oil and natural-gas jobs will become even more important to West Virginia's economy.