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Riveting review

Joseph C. Goulden’s review of David Hoffman’s “The Billion Dollar Spy” (BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal,” Web, July 5) gives a riveting account of how the CIA recruited a Soviet agent named Adolf Tolkachev.

Democrats, doing what they do best

After reading the front-page article “GOP calls on Obama to fire IRS chief” (July 28), I was amused by the response of Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Maryland Democrat, to the suggestion that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen be sacked for obstructing the investigation into politically motivated targeting of conservative groups.

Name-calling long overdue

Sen. Orrin Hatch is upset about colleagues’ manners concerning “name calling” (“When tough talk roils the decorum of the Senate,” Web, July 28). Mr. Hatch has been a senator for 38 years.

Deal great for U.S.-hating Iran

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have put the United States and other countries in jeopardy by entering into an agreement with Iran which temporarily curbs Tehran’s nuclear-armaments program. Either our leaders have been duped or they are naive (or both). Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry are more concerned about their respective legacies than the security of the world.

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Amazon Watch an Ecuador advocate

Your July 15, 2015, article about Amazon Watch's ongoing campaign to hold Chevron accountable for its 18-billion-gallon toxic mess in Ecuador omits critical facts and propagates falsehoods ("Amazon Watch still backs Steven Donziger's discredited Chevron lawsuit after others bail," Web).

With Obama, assume the worst

Why are veterans stunned and baffled by President Obama's late-night talk-show "rosy assessment" of VA reforms ("Obama touts VA progress, claims wait times reduced to 'just a few days,'" Web, July 21)?

Time for John McCain to go

Though not even close to having decided upon my choice of presidential candidate 2016, I support Donald Trump's interpretation of Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican ("Trump fires back after 'crazies' remark: McCain a hero 'because he was captured,'" Web, July 18). I am not a McCain fan. Mr. Trump speaks his mind and more of what he has been saying should be said across this nation of ours.

Joining military could save lives

The incarceration of thousands of black men in America should not be upstaged by the rash of killings of unarmed black people at the hands of law-enforcement officers across the country. Are there any real solutions to stopping the bloodshed and helping black families deal with the issues that stem from growing up in fatherless households? In short, yes.

More Planned Parenthood abhorrence

It's been a tough year for the conservative community in America. We've seen a dismaying Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, liberalization of marijuana laws and more. Yet in the past two weeks we have learned of an issue so revolting that it makes one nauseated: An anti-abortion group, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), published a secretly taped video of a telling discussion with Deborah Nucatola, director of medical services for Planned Parenthood. In the video, Nucatola candidly discloses how the premier abortion organization sells aborted body parts "Covert video targets Planned Parenthood fetal-parts policy," Web, July 14).

Iran deal sacrifices Israel

Recently Secretary of State John Kerry issued a draconian proclamation in defense of the Iran deal. He warned that if Congress rejects the plan, "Our friends in this effort will desert us." The dreadful irony of this statement immediately arrested me.

Respect differences

An armed man walks into building, opens fire and kills nine people, all of the same race. Who or what provided this opportunity? Can one walk into a shopping mall, movie theater or restaurant, randomly open fire and kill nine people of a specific race? It certainly could not happen at a public school or university, a military base or any other government institution. How ironic that it took a church to provide such a target-rich environment. Yet places of worship is the very place where diversity is taught as virtue, and not enforced as law.

Only one can win

The Washington Times gives ample coverage of Republican 2016 presidential candidates, but it seems to be silent on the Democratic candidates. Realizing there are many people on the Republican side running for the highest leadership position in our government, these individuals beat up on each other verbally. Meanwhile the few Democratic candidates do not seem to be challenging each other. When all the smoke clears, there will be just one person elected in 2016.

Iran's two postures make trust difficult

In response to the historic agreement designed to limit its ability to construct a nuclear weapon, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, "Our relations start afresh today. We seek more closeness, unity, brotherhood, and better relations," to which I respond,"Beg pardon"?

Forearmed is forewarned

Having been both a Marine and a law-enforcement officer, I felt cut to the bone last week upon learning that my brother Marines were killed and a law-enforcement officer was wounded by a terrorist in Chattanooga, Tennessee ("Thomas Sullivan, Marine killed in Chattanooga shootings, was Purple Heart recipient," Web, July 17). It is time for President Obama and Congress to officially declare war against terrorists and allow an army of unseen personnel to carry weapons under the Second Amendment.