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This ‘catch-and-release’ not Bush’s

The lead paragraph in “Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants” (Web, Feb. 4) appears to include a lie when paired with information in the next paragraph. The clear implication is that “catch-and-release” was a George W. Bush policy. In fact Bush inherited and subsequently ended the policy.

Knowledge gains up to students

Thank you, Michael Poliakoff, for pointing out the lack of capability of many college graduates (“College ignorance and the threat to liberty,” Web, Feb. 3). While agreeing with the points Mr. Poliakoff makes, it should be noted that the problems he describes pervade the whole educational system and apply equally to middle and high schools.

Article V convention for change

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio is correct: The federal government is out of control (“Marco Rubio amplifies call for constitutional convention, courts conservative voters”). Our national debt will soon be $20 trillion, and that does not even include the close-to-$100-trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Trump, Cruz not right for U.S.

I have always believed the people of Iowa to generally be good-natured, decent individuals who make up the heartland of America. That image has sustained a hard hit with the stunning and sad selection of Republican candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as front-runners in the Iowa presidential caucuses.

Racism still a U.S. problem

Those who say we no longer have a problem with race relations in the United States are either blind or ignoring the facts. In 1962, my mother became enraged when a cousin, who at the time was a police officer in Dodge City, Kan., said that the “problem” of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement could be solved by marching every black American into the deserts of Nevada and dropping a couple of hydrogen bombs.

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Conservatives sick of wheeler dealers

If we had a Senate majority leader who provided real leadership, the Republicans could have used reconciliation in the Senate to defund President Obama's amnesty, health-care and Planned Parenthood endeavors, giving the Democrats a dose of their own bad medicine that has harmed the lives and health of many Americans.

Politics pushed USPS into red

In a commentary piece on the U.S. Postal Service's plans to upgrade its vehicle fleet, Ken Blackwell called the Postal Service "the poster child for government waste" ("How the Postal Service continues to burn money," Web, Aug. 27). He's wrong on the merits and the facts.

Martland's treatment unsurprising

The U.S. Army discharges decorated and brave Sgt. First Class Charles Martland for having the temerity to stand up for young children in Afghanistan who are regularly raped and sexually abused by perverted old scumbags on an American military base.

We're not alone

Water deposits have been found on Mars. Really, is this such a great revelation? For years, astronomers have focused on ice formations at Mars' poles. Given the recent photographs from Voyager, we know that Pluto contains water. Common sense tells us that water is not indigenous to Earth only.

Injustice wrong in all forms

Many people who fight for the ethical treatment of animals also work to protect people, including unborn babies. Why do some just assume otherwise? Surely no one would say, for example, that people who go to bars care more about beer than babies, or that movie-goers are wasting money on movies while unborn babies die.

Shariah, Constitution incompatible

When presidential contender Ben Carson stated recently that he would not approve of electing a Muslim as president of the United States, both Republican and Democrat politicians jumped on him. Challenger Ted Cruz reminded him that the U.S. Constitution itself says there shall be no religious test for public office.

Fund, update GMD now

These days, you can't open the newspaper without seeing stories about the Iranian nuclear program ("Iranians provided own samples for nuclear site inspection," Web, Sept. 21). But as we focus on Iran, let's remember that the greater threat to the U.S. homeland comes from North Korea.

Reinstate ethical Green Beret

In World War II, America sent its finest men and women to oppose Hitler's tyranny. Had we not responded to Winston Churchill's pleas for the United States' involvement, it is conceivable that Europe, and certainly many more of the Jewish people, would have perished under the Nazis.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fox, CNN unfair in debates

Fox News is not a conservative news organization, though many of its commentators, including Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, seem to be conservatives. Republican presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz was on Steven Colbert's "Late Show" Monday night, but when watching "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning, all the hosts mentioned was media darling Carly Fiorina being on Jimmy Fallon's show. Not once did they mention Mr. Cruz's appearance with Mr. Colbert. However, when Donald Trump was on "The Late Show," Fox News had a story on it.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Media-hound persona hurts Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is attracting a lot of attention as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. And when he sticks to a topic such as opposition to the Patriot Act, he sounds credible. But when he veers off-topic with ad-hominem charges against fellow Republicans and others, or when he downplays the dangers of drugs, he commands media attention more for outrageous assumptions and conclusions than for accuracy.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Give refuge to religious minorities

Syrians and Iraqis are currently flooding Europe seeking a new life. Following World War II European countries allowed 20 million people from the Middle East and North Africa to enter. These people now number 50 million, and they refuse to integrate into Western societies. Most of the areas settled by these immigrants are depressed and lawless, and the immigrants want to implement Sharia law.

No more 'first' trophies for left

From where many Americans stand, it appears that the Democratic Party has degenerated into a bush-league political team obsessed with easy-win, first-place trophies (i.e., first black president, first female president). Never mind that Hillary Clinton, their current favorite, actually has less paid political experience than the highly intelligent but very foolish man currently holding the job of president.

Carson right on Muslim president

I would suspect that a few million people agreed with Republican presidential contender Ben Carson's recent comment that he would not approve of a Muslim president. And why would he? Pure and simple, Islam is not so much a religion as a form of religious government.

Climate change cash grab

Modern climate alarmism was launched with the 2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report featuring the now-infamous "hockey stick" graph. This showed that global temperature was flat for 1,000 years and then soared skyward from about the year 1900 on. Unfortunately, there is no way to say this politely: The graph was based on lies.

Animals are treated better

Seventy-plus years ago, the Nazis performed horrible experiments on newborn babies under the guise of 'medical advancement.' The entire world was revolted by the actions of these monsters and we held accountable the people responsible.

Refugee crisis Putin's opportunity

The current influx of "refugees" streaming into Europe is surely tragic, although whether these individuals are fleeing the war in Syria or the economic situations in many Middle Eastern countries is debatable. In fact, German officials now acknowledge they can not verify where many, if not most, of these people have come from.

Coulter owes U.S. an apology

As an American first and a Democrat second, I have had it with Ann Coulter. Yes, she has every right to express herself, but really, where in a decent society does she get off with her "f---ing Jews" tweet during the second GOP presidential debates ("Ann Coulter accuses GOP candidates of pandering to 'fing Jews'; ADL responds," Web, Sept. 17)?

Trump no 'Lonesome Rhodes'

Pointing an accusatory finger always points three fingers back ("Trump is 'Lonesome Rhodes,'" Web, Sept. 14). Columnist Cal Thomas is also a prime violator of Ronald Reagan's "11th commandment" not to speak ill of fellow Republicans.