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Dems’ disappointment spin-out

After each of President Obama’s election victories, I and many other conservatives who had voted against him were very disappointed. I believed Obama would be destructive to our national security and military might, while spawning violent protests between citizens and against law enforcement. I believed he demeaned many Christians for ‘clinging’ to their faith in the Bible. I opposed his agenda.

Reconsider “Mad Dog” pick

President-elect Donald Trump should rethink his selection of retired Marine Corps Gen. James N. “Mad Dog” Mattis as his Secretary of Defense (“Donald Trump demands waiver for Gen. James Mattis to serve as Pentagon chief,” Web, Dec. 6). In spite of his stellar military service record, Mattis is not qualified to serve as defense secretary.

Trump must cut China’s tentacles

President-elect Donald Trump needs to re-examine President Obama’s crumbling pipe-dream policy of using Vietnam to contain China. While our Southeast-Asia policy has myopically focused on China’s growing occupation of and base construction on the South China Sea Islands, China has made a Hail Mary pass and outflanked Vietnam by building a new deep-water port in Cambodia.

Ready for real change

We conservatives fear it may be too late to be delivered from prevaricating presidents, and capricious, sanctimonious bureaucrats who believe only in the tax-and-spend public sector and hold the wealth-generating private sector to be evil.

The problem with all that ethanol is where to pour it.

Elected Democrats are criticizing President-elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees for their supposed lack of experience (“Donald Trump picks Ben Carson, former campaign rival, as housing secretary,” Web, Dec. 5). Sen. Jeff Merkley, Oregon Democrat, complains that Dr. Ben Carson, nominee for secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, “has no professional experience in either government or housing policy.”

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McAuliffe taking Virginia for ride

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Virginia mayors of sanctuary cities have a message for Virginians: They will protect illegal aliens no matter what it costs and no matter what crime the illegal aliens have committed.

Living it up post-White House

It was disappointing to learn of President Obama's decision to live in Washington after his eight-year term expires in January 2017. Mr. President, may I offer Lexington, Kentucky as an alternative?

First too fast, now too slow

Donald Trump has been President-elect Trump for 15 days now. That's more than two weeks. Prior to his victory, he assembled his transition team, with some mid-stride adjustments. For more than two months now, these people have been working diligently to review the background and credentials of potential cabinet and lower-level presidential appointments.

Hollywood its own worst enemy

Hollywood, the land of (non-fat) milk and (free-range) honey, make-believe, mendacity, multi-million-dollar homes and PhD candidates in social issues, has any number of residents who, before the presidential election, vowed to self-deport should anyone other than Hillary Clinton win the election.

Time to unite behind Trump

Donald J. Trump is the president-elect, and as expected the Democrats and liberals are doing their best to deter him from carrying out his campaign agenda. The organized protests, condemnation of his early nominees and the continued false accusations of racism will continue. All Republicans should be objective and supportive of Mr. Trump's nominees, even if some do not meet all their criteria.

The people check the president

I often agree whole-heartedly with Deborah Simmons' pieces in The Washington Times, but I offer a correction to her Nov. 17 piece, "Back to American Civics 101" (Web). In her effort to educate, she writes that "the president governs, Congress checks the president and the U.S. Supreme Court checks both."

Nuclear policy needs Europe

Robert Monroe's op-ed, "Before the next mushroom cloud" (Nov. 17), highlights the dangers of nuclear proliferation and calls for the incoming Trump administration to take a lead within the United Nations to overcome the danger.

Comey a patsy in Clinton affair

In "The Federal Bureau of Political Investigation" (Web, Nov. 16) Andrew P. Napolitano calls FBI Director James Comey's July 5 press conference, during which Mr. Comey said Hillary Clinton "would not be prosecuted," and his reopening and subsequent re-closing of that same investigation "unlawful."

Stop punishing males

Enough. After the decades of damage they have done to anything male, Hillary Clinton, radical feminism and political correctness need to go ("'It's not her fault!': Hillary Clinton looks for excuses, ignores her party's failings," Web, Nov. 16).

Clinton mocked life and lost

Now that the 2016 presidential election is over, the pollsters and pundits continue to sift through statistics and polls in a desperate attempt to figure out where they went wrong.

Clinton's loss not gender matter

There are many who claim that Hillary Clinton's election loss was a matter of gender bias. That is simply untrue. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault is not in her gender but in herself. Mrs. Clinton's campaign made some strategic errors, but fundamentally she was rejected because of her conduct, corruption and lack of credibility.

Sick of elites' status quo

Independent thinking and comparative analysis of the two major political parties revealed to voters that President-elect Donald Trump had common sense, was willing to bravely step into the arena and in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence, pledge his life, fortune and sacred honor to help Americans regain our freedom. That is why he won the election.

Trump should start with apology

This country lies in a terribly precarious position. I am constantly on edge, terrified of the hate crimes that could result from the President-elect Trump's dangerous rhetoric. We know from history that groups of people united by hatred can do awful things. Imagine what could happen when these groups believe that they have a president who supports their prejudices.

Now Trump must walk the walk

As I write this, not even 24 hours have elapsed since Donald Trump beat the Hillary Clinton in the general election -- and the establishment types are already calling for grand gestures and magnanimity by President-elect Trump in forgiving Hillary her criminal and treasonous behavior.