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Celebrate global warmth

Just 13,000 years ago Earth was in the grip of a deathly ice age. Sea levels were indeed much lower than they are now, but much of the land surface was covered by thick sheets of ice. Life struggled to survive and many species were extinguished by the sterile, suffocating ice.

Corizon can serve DC jail well

Your recent article, “DC Jail medical contract sparks city council criticism” (Web, March 18), may leave readers with a faulty impression of our company and what’s at stake in the pending D.C. City Council vote to approve our award.

Bongino for Senate

I know it is still early, but so far only Maryland Democratic representatives Chris Van Hollen, District 8, and Donna Edwards, District 4, have announced plans to run for retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s open Senate seat. This does not give Maryland voters any good choices or hope for making things better in Maryland.

Looks can be deceiving

It doesn’t surprise me that millionaire Robert Durst has been linked to the 1971 disappearance of a female Vermont college student and is the prime suspect in the murders of a neighbor and friend and in the disappearance and likely murder of his wife, Kathleen Durst (“Robert Durst, Houston millionaire, returning to court in New Orleans,” Web, March 23).

GOP must be the anti-Obama

President Obama’s policies have failed, he ignores the Constitution and has the Department of Justice ensure that his will becomes de facto law. He will allow Iran to produce nuclear weapons and is willing to abandon Israel. Knowing that, it would be important not to have another Obama-like Democratic president in 2017, one who would complete the transformation of the United States into a government in total control of all aspects of citizens’ lives.

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Uncover Clinton email truth

Hillary Clinton does not want her private emails made public, but as an American citizen I don't want public emails kept private. Mrs. Clinton made a poor decision, and for that the American public should not be left in the dark.

Shame on Republican turncoats

Republicans gave in on the CRomnibus bill, they helped the Federal Communications Commission seize control of the Internet, and now they have assisted President Obama with his illegal-immigrant amnesty bill by funding the Department of Homeland Security. By the way, this defunding would have resulted in only a partial shutdown of Homeland Security, so pushing the measure through to save us all from another shutdown was a lame excuse.

Did Clinton suffer stroke?

While some pundits call Hillary Clinton arrogant and narcissistic for having the temerity while secretary of state to set up a private email account, delete 30,000 "personal" emails and then ask that everyone just "trust" her, I say her actions are a slap in the face of all Americans. With Mrs. Clinton's decadeslong track record of scandal making her one of the least trustworthy persons in the world, how insulting is her request for our faith?

You borrowed it, you repay it

The theme for the first Bill Clinton presidential campaign in 1992 was Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)." It is a song that would be anathema to the Obama administration, whose fiscal policy is one which espouses living for the present without a thought about tomorrow.

No more Clinton presidencies

The very last thing America needs is President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her entire tenure as secretary of state was a disaster that has left the world in ruins. And who can forget her years as first lady (millennials fortunately missed it), during which she declared herself "Queen Hillary" and ordered Secret Service to keep out of her sight as she walked the halls of the White House?

Republicans, keep promise to voters

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, continues to capitulate to President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid because he doesn't want to chance Republicans being held responsible for any government shutdown. He has done this for the budget and declared he will do it again for raising the debt ceiling. Mr. McConnell neglects to recall, apparently, the November 2014 election results that put Republicans in charge of the House and the Senate.

Crossing the aisle — and their fingers

The 2014 midterm election is now historic not for the margin of victory, but for the magnitude of GOP betrayal. The newly elected and empowered GOP-controlled House and Senate hold nearly as much contempt for the Constitution as they seem to hold for their voters, embracing ignominy more quickly than their broken campaign promises.

Obamacare unsalvageable

The March 4 article "Supreme Court tries to make sense of poorly drafted Obamacare language" (Web) reflects the fundamental problem with the entire Obamacare process, not just the issue currently before the Supreme Court. Poor language? No, Obamacare is poorly understood, specified and designed.

Read the real 'Mein Kampf'

It may well be true that Hitler's "Mein Kampf" "needs to be read by everyone. Not an abbreviated historical account but the actual book" ("To know offensive ideology is to read it," Web, March 3). But it should be noted that the 287-page English translation, originally published in 1933, was a severely edited version of the 781-page German-language original, and omitted much of the most offensive material. The editing was required by the German government, which controlled the publishing rights.

Not all polls created equal

On April 28 the Supreme Court will determine if the U.S. Constitution allows states to ban same-sex marriage. I have read two opposing articles on the subject published on the same date, March 6, 2015.

Pay up for following rules

It is somewhat understandable when water districts decide to increase water rates in order to provide safe, clean and efficient water service to customers. When some water districts in California consider raising water rates due to drought conditions, that might be understandable — except for the reason given.

Leave social issues to states

Social issues should be decided at the state level. This is the way the Constitution of the United States is written, this was the intent of our Founding Fathers, and this should be the way the laws are observed. States should have the freedom to choose their future way of life, reflecting the values of their majority.

At-will law changes unconstitutional

Indulge me please, for I am a doddering old fogey who was taught in civics class in the 1950s that our Supreme Court determined the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress. The court, we were taught, did this by applying constitutional tenets to the particular law in question. Pretty easy stuff, I thought back in those simpler days before emanations, penumbras and psychic-like determinations of legislative intent entered the fray and politicized the process ("Supreme Court tries to make sense of poorly drafted Obamacare language," Web, March 4).

U.S. must defend Ukraine

Some conservatives have questioned Ukraine's importance to America, as if it were a small, remote country of no strategic value. But in fact Ukraine is Russia's broad gateway to Europe. And Europe is the first target of Russian President Vladimir Putin's coalition of rogue states.

Streetcars run on wealth

I love streetcars and trains. In fact I will put up with moving across the country at an average speed of 35 miles an hour to get the train experience. This is what happens when you run a passenger train on freight lines; you don't move any faster than the freight. I rode the cable cars in San Francisco, where any local has to fight the tourists if they want to ride.

Don’t reward law-breaking office

Civil-rights commissioners rightly objected to President Obama's proposed budget increase for the lawbreakers at the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, where I used to work ("Civil rights commissioners: Rein in education admin. on 'unlawful' bullying, sexual assault policies," Web, March 4).

Stark contrast between Netanyahu, Obama

The contrasts between U.S. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu were evident this week in the content of Mr. Netanyahu's speech to Congress and the pre- and post-speech attacks by Mr. Obama and his administration ("Obama strikes back, scolds Benjamin Netanyahu for offering 'nothing new,'" Web, March 3). Mr. Netanyahu was admonished for accepting the invitation to speak, but he demonstrated leadership and a commitment to do everything in his power to protect his citizens against the threat by Iran to eradicate Israel.

Netanyahu right on Iran

House Speaker John Boehner was wise to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to Congress in order to address the truth about Iran's evil designs to rule the Middle East ("Obama strikes back, scolds Netanyahu for offering 'nothing new,'" Web, March 3). Prime Minister Netanyahu displayed candid courage in the face of being snubbed by President Obama and Mr. Obama's Democratic minions, while Secretary of State John Kerry was busy capitulating to Iran's one-side negotiations.

Petraeus got off easy

Gen. David Petraeus' plea deal for giving highly classified information to his mistress shows the shameful double standard that exists today in our legal system ("David Petraeus to plead guilty to removing classified information during affair," Web, March 3).

Putin's Russia an ever-growing threat

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was gunned down near the Kremlin a day before his planned protest march against President Vladimir Putin's government ("Obama condemns 'brutal murder' of Putin critic Boris Nemtsov," Web, Feb. 27). This assassination is a continuation of the crimes that have been committed since President Boris Yeltsin appointed Mr. Putin to the position of prime minister on Aug. 9, 1999.