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Media complicit in Obama joyride

Monica Crowley does a fine job of noting how President Obama went about his promised “fundamental transformation of the nation” (“The party of Obama and its bitter reckoning,” Web, Nov. 30).

GOP should urge recounts, too

President-elect Trump and the GOP should be cheerful warriors regarding the Democratic recounts. In fact, they should join them by asking for recounts in Virginia, Colorado and New Hampshire, as well as any other state in which a Democratic win was remotely close.

Egg on Gray Lady’s face

Of all the reportage of the presidential brawl, none was more egregiously biased than that of The New York Times. The celebrated “Gray Lady” of newspapers was widely acclaimed as journalism’s preeminently recognized standard bearer. But in the clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the paper surrendered all pretentiousness of journalistic truthfulness and impartiality, as it went to extremes to not simply present the Democrats’ position in the most admiring light but to actually become Mrs. Clinton’s clarion mouthpiece.

Reform military promotion system

In addition to rebuilding America’s military, President-elect Donald Trump and Congress should abolish our military’s up-or-out promotion system, and reform the all-or-nothing retirement system. Currently, rank and pay grade in the military are synonymous.

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Comey a patsy in Clinton affair

In "The Federal Bureau of Political Investigation" (Web, Nov. 16) Andrew P. Napolitano calls FBI Director James Comey's July 5 press conference, during which Mr. Comey said Hillary Clinton "would not be prosecuted," and his reopening and subsequent re-closing of that same investigation "unlawful."

Stop punishing males

Enough. After the decades of damage they have done to anything male, Hillary Clinton, radical feminism and political correctness need to go ("'It's not her fault!': Hillary Clinton looks for excuses, ignores her party's failings," Web, Nov. 16).

Clinton mocked life and lost

Now that the 2016 presidential election is over, the pollsters and pundits continue to sift through statistics and polls in a desperate attempt to figure out where they went wrong.

Clinton's loss not gender matter

There are many who claim that Hillary Clinton's election loss was a matter of gender bias. That is simply untrue. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault is not in her gender but in herself. Mrs. Clinton's campaign made some strategic errors, but fundamentally she was rejected because of her conduct, corruption and lack of credibility.

Sick of elites' status quo

Independent thinking and comparative analysis of the two major political parties revealed to voters that President-elect Donald Trump had common sense, was willing to bravely step into the arena and in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence, pledge his life, fortune and sacred honor to help Americans regain our freedom. That is why he won the election.

Trump should start with apology

This country lies in a terribly precarious position. I am constantly on edge, terrified of the hate crimes that could result from the President-elect Trump's dangerous rhetoric. We know from history that groups of people united by hatred can do awful things. Imagine what could happen when these groups believe that they have a president who supports their prejudices.

Now Trump must walk the walk

As I write this, not even 24 hours have elapsed since Donald Trump beat the Hillary Clinton in the general election -- and the establishment types are already calling for grand gestures and magnanimity by President-elect Trump in forgiving Hillary her criminal and treasonous behavior.

Clinton supporters left out in cold

The Trump haters are crying in their beer, wondering how they lost. Hillary Clinton was under the impression that the people enjoyed what President Obama did to this country, so she thought she would win hands-down. How wrong she and the Democrats were, not to mention the polls and talking heads who blocked out the cries of our people.

Why Trump won

In a nutshell, the subtext of Hillary Clinton's "Stronger Together" slogan was this: 'Together, we use money to safeguard ourselves from our own vulnerability, create an illusion that we are not dependent on a higher power, blunt our sense of solidarity with and responsibility to the poor, and isolate ourselves from all others in need.' Gee, I wonder why Donald Trump won the election.

Work for change post-election

In 1776 Thomas Paine wrote "These are the times that try men's souls." Nowadays, many like-minded and concerned citizens feel the same way about our elected and wannabe elected officials, and about the future of our country. Further, many of us didn't much care for our election choices this year.

Comey's corrupt bait and switch

It seems that FBI Director James Comey is nothing more than a bait-and-switch artist ("FBI chief James Comey should resign," Web, Nov. 7). In July he laid out a case against Hillary Clinton. And when it seemed as though criminal charges were going to be recommended, he pulled it away by saying there had been no criminal intent.

How to fix Obamacare

One of the most contentious issues of this election has been how to "fix" the Affordable Care Act. Here are a few suggestions. One of the main problems with Obamacare is the poor risk pool that includes too many sick people and not enough healthy people. The pool of healthy people must be increased. Laws and fines have not been successful.

Trump a modern-day savior

Reading about people who say they can't vote for Donald Trump because of some of his past remarks puts me in mind of David, the second king of Israel. He made more than remarks; he did some very bad things. His lust for Bathsheba, which may or may not have been requited, led to his collusion in the death of Bathsheba's husband, Uriah the Hittite.

On Tuesday, put America first

It seems that every year "We the People" complain about how Washington and politics are in general. Congressional approval ratings are regularly in the teens. Well, this year "We the People" have a chance to tell Washington that the days of lobbyists and special-interest groups are over. We have an opportunity to finally put America first.

Election determines whether destruction continues

Since the election of President Obama, our democratic republic has come increasingly under attack by the liberal media and the politically powerful — so much so that we are in imminent danger of losing our national security and our democracy to the evils of socialism.