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Illegals erode more than borders

The title of Donald Lambro’s recent op-ed “This bizarre election year” (Web, July 14) teased the reader into thinking the piece was a fair and balanced review of the two 2016 presidential candidates. Instead it was a one-sided attack on the basic tenets of Donald Trump’s plan to control our southern border, end sanctuary havens for illegal immigrants and enforce laws to preserve employment opportunities for law-abiding citizens.

Judge, attorney corruption egregious

Cal Thomas’ op-ed is spot-on about the way in which the corruption, disorder and division in our society is a reflection of what’s in the hearts of each of us (“Cause and effect,” Web, July 20). I don’t believe the loss of Christianity is to blame because throughout history wickedness has been carried out by those who describe themselves as Christians. It is undeniable that we have lost the values, the “moral gravity that once kept us grounded, and the boundaries that kept us safe.”

Inured to ISIS?

No one wants to see what is going on in Islamic-State-controlled Aleppo and Raqqa, Syria, but recent reports from CNN show the truth about what is happening in that war-torn part of the world. It is absolutely horrific, but I’m hesitant to share it with any of my friends because people just don’t want to hear about it.

Take HSBC to task

The opening-night theme of the Republican National Convention this year was “Make America Safe Again.” Perhaps the best way to help achieve this objective would be to root out all the banks that launder money to drug-trafficking cartels and terrorist organizations.

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Trump the anti-Obama

Donald Trump is catching flak from liberal media types because he recently had the audacity to question President Obama's handling of the Orlando massacre. Mr. Obama still refuses to label that heinous act radical Islamic terrorism.

To save U.S., back Trump

Mitt Romney's scathing remarks about Donald Trump's competency to be president are hypocritical, to say the least — particularly given that in 2008 Romney betrayed the Republican Party in his feckless presidential debate against President Obama.

Keep Taiwan 'lighthouse of freedom'

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's decision to block former President Ma Ying-jeou from visiting Hong Kong flies in the face of the values of human rights, and has raised concerns about democracy and freedom in Taiwan.

GOP deserves better than Trump

These are great days to not be a Republican. They are also decisive days for the future of the nation. Contrary to the treatment they get from the mainstream media, the rural and poor white voters who support Donald Trump are totally justified in their anger about the state of our nation. The tragedy is that they are clearly choosing the wrong man for their redemption.

Endorsement bad news for Hillary

President Obama has just stiffed Hillary Clinton and dramatically reduced her chances of winning the presidential election. Mr. Obama is unpopular among voters and arguably the worst president in the history of the country. By any measure he has caused enormous damage to the United States and ordinary Americans, and left both in far worse shape than they were in when he took office.

Our freedoms make us exceptional

American exceptionalism is the unique liberty that we Americans enjoy due to our philosophy and system of government. The Declaration of Independence states that each of us has the same natural rights, and these cannot be given or taken away by another person. Among those rights are the rights to life, liberty and property.

Congress negligent on Zika

This do-nothing Congress has yet to declare war on the Zika virus and its attendant microcephaly manifestations. As usual, both houses feel compelled to play their little money games; the Senate's $1.1-billion proposal is part of a herculean transportation-spending bill, which includes weakening trucker rest regulations favored by the trucking industry. The House's $622 million appropriation is not much better.

Palestinian terrorism still alive

The day after the 2016 U.S. presidential primary campaign effectively ended, two Palestinian gunmen murdered four Israelis in a terror attack at a Tel Aviv cafe ("At least 3 killed, 5 wounded in Tel Aviv mass shooting," Web, June 8).

Still sanctuary for war criminals

In "The long reach of justice" (Web, June 6) Andrew Nagorski contends that the recent war-crimes conviction of former Chad President Hissene Habre demonstrates that "now there is no sanctuary" for war criminals, "no matter how far they run [o]r how long they elude justice."

Obama's willful ignorance

I read with great interest James Zumwalt's recent op-ed, "Obama's Nordic nonsense" (Web, June 7). The piece relates President Obama's recent comment that if Nordic countries controlled the world, "they could clean things up."

Obama's misdirected energy

As reported in The Washington Times, 11 states are suing the federal government over the Obama administration's mandate that all public schools offer gender-neutral access to bathrooms, locker rooms and even shower areas ("11 states sue Obama administration over federal transgender school-bathroom directive," Web, May 25).

The Clinton-Trump tragicomedy

I am a registered independent voter and am hoping I will soon awaken from a bad dream that is rapidly turning into a nightmare. We have two candidates running for president of the United States of America. One is currently undergoing a criminal investigation by the FBI, and the other seems to be caught up in a Twitter obsession as he sits on his golden throne each morning tweeting anything that comes into his head.

Stop muzzling climate dissenters

Overlooked in the controversy about the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016 is the fact that truth is not possible in science ("California Senate sidelines bill to prosecute climate change skeptics," Web, June 2). Scientific hypotheses, and even scientific theories, are not knowledge — they are educated opinions based on interpretations of observations. Thus they can be, and often are, wrong.

Clinton the dangerous one

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president, has ironically criticized Republican rival Donald Trump by declaring him unfit and a danger to America if elected. This from a person who has already demonstrated her lack of credentials to be commander in chief of this nation.

Hold Ryan accountable

Say it isn't so. In this awful time for our nation, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan has made things worse, demonstrating that he is just another politician rather than a man of character, decency and principle ("Donald Trump picks up Paul Ryan's vote as GOP coalesces behind standard-bearer," Web, June 2).

California men, vote Sanders

Nationally, Hillary Clinton faces an enormous gender gap among supporters. Men vote ABC ('anybody but Clinton), but team Hillary professes not to understand why. Well, here is why: Men appear to have finally awakened to the reality that four more years of President Obama's identity-and- gender politics are not in their best interests.

Vote, prevent repeat of history

On Memorial Day we honored those who gave their last full measure, and it seems not too much to ask that we conduct ourselves in a way worthy of their sacrifice. Yet some Republicans are acting like spoiled children ('If I can't be captain I'll take my ball and go home').

Socialism deserves no credit

"U.S. drops from first to third in global competitiveness ranking" (Web, May 31) fails to mention the fact that under President Obama's socialist agenda, businesses have been treated poorly — often to the point of being forced into bankrupcy under federally mandated decisions.

Self-evident truths absent

Our nation was formed by men who proclaimed the existence of self-evident truths as their impelling reason for forming a new country. Today we have become baffled by the following: which restroom an individual should enter, which sexes should be present in a marriage, whether a human fetus constitutes a human life, and whether university students be provided 'safe areas' free from personal views in opposition to their own.

Left can't deliver on promises

The Black Lives Matter movement should step back from its violent and hysterical behavior and consider the truth regarding the social dilemma it is facing. Black lives certainly matter, as all lives do, but if those protesting in the streets want to understand what has transpired over the course of the decades during which liberal politicians have led the Democratic Party, they should look closely at liberal leadership at the local, state and federal levels.