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Fund missile defense system now

The simple fact that North Korea is developing nuclear weapons, no matter how far along it is in the process, calls into question how secure our country really is (“Fourth North Korean nuclear test shows need for harsh, sustained sanctions — not diplomacy,” Web, Aug. 22).

Dangerous Duterte

Controversial new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been hugely successful in combating drug dealers. Unfortunately the tactics he uses to do so are often highly illegal.

Tax code hurts majority

Al Capone and John Gotti must be turning over in their graves. The difference in the their criminal enterprises and the criminal enterprises of “philanthropic” foundations such as the Clinton Foundation is that Capone and Gotti were rank amateurs in hiding their ill-gotten gains.

Clinton emails must be exposed

The 15,000 new Clinton emails are on top of the 30,000 she released, which in turn are on top of the 33,000 she reported (if you believe her) and willfully deleted (“FBI found nearly 15,000 new Clinton emails, review likely to take months,” Web, Aug. 22).

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CPUSA endorsement telling

The Communist Party (CPUSA) has been broadcasting its support for the Democratic Party and candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. However, for some reason, our media have failed to take notice. The liberal media writes about Donald Trump and support from white nationalists. So what gives?

FBI's wasted investigation

I just watched FBI Director James B. Comey's news brief regarding Hillary Clinton's misuse of a private server -- and came away sickened by the results of the FBI's "investigation" ("On Hillary emails, Comey's evidence clashes with Comey's conclusions," Web, July 5).

Brexit naysayers' voting snobbery

The British voting public may not be as sophisticated as some 'Brexit' naysayers would like, but they are smart enough to know that they don't like what the European Union has done to their country. They exercised their right to vote to leave it. As Clifford D. May notes in "Rule Britannia" (Web, June 28): "That's called Democracy. Is there a preferable alternative?"

Don't 'move on' from Benghazi

Like millions of others nationwide, I have followed our nation's Middle East foreign policy under President Obama. And as a former U.S. multinational peacekeeper to Beirut, I am disgusted that party politics have ruined the need for our elected to release a bipartisan, post- Benghazi-terrorist-attack review. Conducting a review in the divisive unhelpful way which both parties did not only insults the sacrifices and lost lives of my comrades and their families, but mocks our collective national intelligence as well.

Change school hiring policy

A 22-year-old former teacher's aide in Glenarden, Md., has been indicted on child abuse, sex offense and child pornography charges ("PG County grand jury indicts ex-school aide on 270 counts including child porn, sex abuse," Web, June 29). The principal of the elementary school at which this took place (who is, by the way, currently on paid leave) "says she didn't follow up or alert local authorities when parents and teachers voiced suspicions about his behavior." Why?

Far left needs reality check

It is perfectly clear that President Obama believes Islamists who kill in the name of Islam and in accordance with the Koran, the hadiths and Shariah are part of a religious movement that is basically good. It is also perfectly clear that a large number of U.S. citizens, mainly of the far left and liberal strain, believe the same thing, and in this regard they are severely misguided and part of the nation's dive into a death pit of radical Islamic killing and intolerance.

Covering up for Hillary

All the obfuscation in the world delivered with all the sincerity she can muster will not obscure the deception in which Hillary Clinton engaged as the death of four Americans in Benghazi became known ("Beware of the supreme maestro of shameless cover-ups," Web, June 28). As always with the Clinton carnival and the Democratic Party, it is politics above truth.

Global fallout of Obama's timidity

After eight years of President Obama, enemies of America understand that this president was never interested in defending his country or keeping it a superpower. And they are exploiting Mr. Obama's compromising of America and his betrayal of oath, office and country.

The real American dream

On July 4 we recognize the Declaration of Independence, which defines the American dream of inalienable natural rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution establishes a government to secure those rights by promoting the general welfare and the blessings of liberty.

Don't let Clinton get the phone

Many differences exist between conservative and liberal values and positions. Hillary Clinton declared that as president she would expand Obama's programs; Donald Trump stated he would make sure Obama's "unconstitutional actions" never returned. Clinton is pro-immigration-expansion while Trump believes we should slow or stop immigration until its policies are fixed.

'Brexit' a warning to U.S.

I share the surprise of most of the world that the British voted to leave the European Union. In fact, I am simply stunned that such a complex decision affecting so many aspects of governance, security and trade was left up to single majority vote by the general public.

Trump trumps Hillary

Did George Will, conservative elitist extraordinaire, miss 2016's populist rebellion ("George Will renounces GOP, declares 'This is not my party,'" Web, June 25)? He says he has left the Republican Party and he is urging other Republicans to ensure that Donald Trump isn't elected president. One has to wonder whether Mr. Will's elitism has overcome his common sense, or even his conservatism.

Brexit makes U.S. think

The recent vote by the people of Britain to withdraw from the European Union has some strong parallels to events happening here in America ("Brexit carries warning signs for Hillary Clinton," Web, June 24). British residents were unhappy with uncontrolled immigration and unelected bureaucrats imposing rules on them. This mirrors America's problem with an open border, uncontrolled immigration, and NAFTA agreements weakening our national sovereignty.

'Plus' ruling racist

Now the highest court in the land says racism is perfectly OK in school admissions — so long as it's used for "positive" purposes ("Supreme Court upholds affirmative action 'plus' policy," Web, June 23). But if you use race to accept one person for a limited number of slots, you're automatically using race to reject another person, and that's not "positive" at all. In schools, only academic credentials should matter.

Media double standard

In 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama booted reporters from three newspapers — The Washington Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News — off his campaign plane. In their place, Mr. Obama seated journalists from Jet, Ebony and Glamour magazines. His campaign said the move was due to a limited number of plane seats. The mainstream press said nothing at all.

Sit-in not probem solver

For Rep. John Lewis, Georgia Democrat, gun control is a matter of debate, just as civil rights was in the 1960s. But is a sit-in on gun violence really what we need?

Obama's allegiance questionable

President Obama and his administration recently took major steps to protect radical Muslims. They even went so far as to use extreme measures to change the Orlando terrorist's expression of allegiance to Allah to an expression of allegiance God in telephone-conversation transcripts. This is an insult to Judeo-Christian religions. Fortunately Mr. Obama failed in this instance.