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Government manipulating CPI?

I have been saying for 10 years that the federal government has been adjusting the consumer price index basket of goods by including more low-cost items and reducing higher-cost items. It has done this manipulation in order to minimize its obligations for payment increases by the Social Security Administration and the federal-employee retirement system.

Trump predicted own presidency

This year, Sept. 2 came and went like most days of the weekend news cycle. But I believe the entire media missed the anniversary of a significant event in American history: the 30th anniversary of the genesis of the Trump presidency.

Stop supporting U.N.

President Trump’s upcoming speech at the United Nations is an opportunity to redress the international body for its failure to promote and defend world peace. Decades of meaningless resolutions have led to thousands of innocent deaths. Allowing Russia and China to prevent meaningful sanctions or actions to curtail North Korea’s ability to launch long-range nuclear missiles is indefensible. Neither Russia nor China would tolerate having missiles fly over their countries, so why do they not support actions against North Korea for its missile launches over Japan?

Say thank-you to local eateries

Today, why not participate in National Cheeseburger Day? Ignore all health-food-police rants about how unhealthy hamburgers are and treat yourself by going to your favorite fast-food place, diner, restaurant or steak house and order a cheeseburger.

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More youths, cheaper coverage

A recent Gallup survey found that the number of uninsured Americans increased by 2 million this year ("U.S. uninsured up by 2M this year as gains erode: Survey," Web, July 10). Coverage losses were most prominent among young adults.

Humanists not "Christophobic"

In "The separation of church and insanity" (Commentary, July 9), writer Larry W. Poland audaciously maligns millions of patriotic Americans as "Christophobic bigots" because we value the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment guarantee of religious liberty. This bedrock American value means nothing if it doesn't simultaneously protect people's freedom to practice their faith as long as that faith doesn't intrude on the rights of others, and protect people's freedom from religious imposition.

Health reform about money, power

Through the years, various iterations of Congress and numerous presidents have developed a power grab through the two-party adversarial system, which provides a lifestyle of comfort for the political class. America has gone from a representative republic to a government of self-proclaimed, all-knowing, tin gods whose only interest is the self-preservation of their power and lifestyle.

Consider new kind of budget

While members of the Republican majority are competing to see who can make the deepest cuts, there is a budget proposal before Congress that would boost the economy for all of us while cutting the number of people in poverty by half. It's the People's Budget, proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The People's Budget invests in safe and productive infrastructure, education, affordable housing, health care and nutrition, child-care and working-family tax credits. It also calls for increasing the minimum wage.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will we stand up to Russia?

When former KGB apparatchik Vladimir Putin became the capo di tutti capi of the Russian Federation, we should have expected some less than friendly back-and-forth. Then President Barack Obama, urbane and dignified, went all servile in a vain attempt to ingratiate himself with 'Vlad the Bad,' and canceled the anti-missile defense system so patiently negotiated with Eastern European nations by his rough-and-tumble predecessor, cowboy George W. Bush.

No 'right' to other people's money

It seems a day does not go by without liberal Democrats proclaiming everyone has a "right" to health care. Their vitriol runs on high octane anytime a proposal is made to bring about a more market-based, patient-friendly system. Changes, they always claim, infringe on this "right."

War prevented?

When the recent Trump-Putin meeting ran overtime, first lady Melania Trump, at the request of "U.S. officials," tried to break it up and failed. The two men enjoyed a full exchange of views. Perhaps this will be conducive to world peace.

Media needs reform now

Has journalism lost its North Star? It certainly seemed so when, in late 2016, The New York Times' publisher had to write to readers vowing to rededicate the paper to reporting "America and the world honestly, without fear or favor." This, Sharyl Attkisson's new book about shady political operatives and fake news, and polls revealing public distrust of media all call for long-overdue media reform ("New book: Sharyl Attkisson reveals the ghastly world of political smears, fake news," Web, July 4).

To left, some illegal voting OK

Since the day after the 2016 election, the Democrats and the mainstream media have overwhelmed us with charges that the Russians interfered with the election, the result of Trump-Putin collusion. The fact that no evidence exists to even confirm Russian involvement of any kind -- let alone evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians -- does not deter them. They are indignant about how important it is to protect the sanctity of our election process.

Time for action on North Korea

It is high time we did something other than talk to confront North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his threats to obliterate the United States and our Pacific allies. Any effort of President Trump to have China rein in North Korea's missile and nuclear programs is too little, too late.

Time to downsize?

Over the past 90 years, from about 1926 until recently, the U.S. population has increased from 117 million to 320-plus million. As I understand it, during approximately the same period, from about 1927 until today, the world population has increased from two billion to an estimated 7.5 billion.

No more cherry-picked climate data

Is climate change really caused by human activities? The truth is that we don't know. What we do know is that there is a "consensus" among the advocates for man-made global warming based on studies using cherry-picked and manipulated data. We know from the University of East Anglia emails that the data is manipulated. These notes revealed that a "trick" was used to have the data support the conclusion of global warming. We also know from reporting on NOAA studies that the results were manipulated by the biased selection of the data used in the study.

Famous and inane for 15

Decades ago, in an especially prescient moment, Andy Warhol declared, "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." His forecast has virtually become reality. In this age of electronic communication, when billions have access to hand-held or desktop devices that allow them to communicate the mundanity of their own, everyday lives, hundreds of millions do so.

Trump a modern Einstein?

Albert Einstein is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant men of the 20th century. His efforts to convince President Franklin D. Roosevelt to research and develop the atomic bomb almost certainly saved the lives of a million American servicemen and -women who would have perished in the planned invasion of Japan.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let mourning doves be

Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) just voted in favor of a proposal to open a shooting season on mourning doves in our state ("Michigan hunters take aim at sandhill cranes, mourning doves," Web, July 1). Mourning doves have been protected in Michigan for over a century. There is no reason to shoot them. They have very little meat on them, and they have no overpopulation issue. The only reason to shoot them is target practice. Mourning doves are hard-to-hit targets, so there is a high (30 percent) wounding rate. Doves do not need to be "managed" by a shooting season since they have a natural mortality rate of 50 or 60 percent.

'Stuff' no substitute for liberty

Today we recognize the Declaration of Independence, which essentially defines the American dream: inalienable natural rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution establishes a government embodying these rights by promoting general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty.

Trump can change Washington

You get a better sense of a person when in his or her presence -- even when sitting six rows away. President Trump is very much an alpha male. That alone is reason enough to upset the left. To the political left, masculinity, like patriotism, is better left locked up in the past.

A lot to hide

The constant attacks on President Trump since he won the election is the result of several realizations among the political left, and there is a need to bring him down before he can get started. The leftists employed nationally to disrupt campuses and streets alike, coupled with a conspiring media and a tainted political class, have been brought to bear with full measure.

Stop carb stuffing

Ever hear of grain-fed or "finished" beef? It is common practice for a farmer to increase the ratio of grain to forage to fatten up ruminant animals before slaughter. Nowhere in "Third of American pets simply too fat" (Page I, June 28) is it mentioned that what these pets eat might be the problem. Instead the reader is invited to the latest take on "eat less, move more."