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Dems’ disappointment spin-out

After each of President Obama’s election victories, I and many other conservatives who had voted against him were very disappointed. I believed Obama would be destructive to our national security and military might, while spawning violent protests between citizens and against law enforcement. I believed he demeaned many Christians for ‘clinging’ to their faith in the Bible. I opposed his agenda.

Reconsider “Mad Dog” pick

President-elect Donald Trump should rethink his selection of retired Marine Corps Gen. James N. “Mad Dog” Mattis as his Secretary of Defense (“Donald Trump demands waiver for Gen. James Mattis to serve as Pentagon chief,” Web, Dec. 6). In spite of his stellar military service record, Mattis is not qualified to serve as defense secretary.

Trump must cut China’s tentacles

President-elect Donald Trump needs to re-examine President Obama’s crumbling pipe-dream policy of using Vietnam to contain China. While our Southeast-Asia policy has myopically focused on China’s growing occupation of and base construction on the South China Sea Islands, China has made a Hail Mary pass and outflanked Vietnam by building a new deep-water port in Cambodia.

Ready for real change

We conservatives fear it may be too late to be delivered from prevaricating presidents, and capricious, sanctimonious bureaucrats who believe only in the tax-and-spend public sector and hold the wealth-generating private sector to be evil.

The problem with all that ethanol is where to pour it.

Elected Democrats are criticizing President-elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees for their supposed lack of experience (“Donald Trump picks Ben Carson, former campaign rival, as housing secretary,” Web, Dec. 5). Sen. Jeff Merkley, Oregon Democrat, complains that Dr. Ben Carson, nominee for secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, “has no professional experience in either government or housing policy.”

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Science determines sex

The Michigan education board is set to approve guidelines declaring that students themselves are best qualified to determine their own gender identity, and that outside confirmation from medical and mental health professionals is not required ("Michigan board approves LGBT guidance to schools," Web, Sept. 14).

Boycott boycotters

In light of the recent dishonorable attacks on our national anthem by the pampered divas of professional sports, I would like to ask one question: Where is the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars?

Police need tools to do job

In my opinion, letting the police have the equipment they need to keep the population safe should be a good thing ("Donald Trump's vow to return military equipment to police jeopardizes outreach to blacks," Web, Sept. 12). If a person is not breaking the law, why would he or she need to fear the police having this equipment?

More disregard for Americans

Hillary Clinton decided to expose other persons to her pneumonia, a potentially contagious disease. She demonstrated an inability to see the immorality of that decision, which could have life-threatening consequences for the young and elderly. Her statement, "I just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal," illustrates once again her contempt for the welfare of the American people. Deplorable.

School choice means prosperity

In these final days of the 114th Congress (until Sept. 30, 2016, when Congress returns home to campaign for reelection), the most critical task that stands before us is to set our nation back onto the constitutional track by restoring "the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

Delusional Democrats

When we elected Barack Obama as our president, we selected not only a chief of the executive branch of government but a chief political philosopher as well. As philosopher-in-chief, Mr. Obama can divine the future, see the arc of history to which all the rest of us mortals are blind, and know just where America's most insidious enemies can be found -- in the Republican Party.

'Deplorables' may not forgive

Before Hillary Clinton castigates Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables," perhaps she should take a closer look at her own political base as well as her own political machine — not to mention her candor and the Clinton Foundation ("Hillary Clinton backpedals as 'deplorables' threatens to become her own '47% moment,'" Web, Sept. 11).

Clinton's corrupt history

Hillary Clinton has serious problems when it comes to transparency and character. She sent classified emails over nonsecure channels. She was involved in the Whitewater/Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan scandal.

Obama's non-stick IRS

Who knew that ensuring fair and lawful tax collection was so problematic? Internal Revenue Service agents recently admitted to delaying tea party and other conservative group applications for tax-exempt status, and composing non-standard questions for those applicants ("IRS refuses to abandon targeting criteria used against tea party, conservative groups," Web Sept. 7).

The cult of global warming

In 2015 the World Economic Forum had a prophetic vision that unless the world mended its wicked ways, "global warming will become catastrophic and irreversible." This past July U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that global warming was as dangerous to the world as Islamic terrorism.

Don't sit on the sidelines this election

Donald Trump was not my first choice for Republican presidential candidate. He was not even my 10th choice. I have made the decision not to vote for him. But the current Democratic administration has left our country and the world worse off than we were eight years ago.

Zap Zika

Why spray dangerous chemicals to kill mosquitoes? The chemicals might harm humans or other animals. My hometown was close to swamps. My community sprayed to control mosquitoes. But that did not seem to work. The mosquito problem finally went away when everyone in the neighborhood got a bug zapper.

Right to prosper

The National Right to Work Committee has called attention to the fact that right-to-work states enjoy a higher standard of living than do non-right-to-work states. Independent studies show that families in right-to-work states have, on average, greater after-tax income and purchasing power than families living in non-right-to-work states.

Convince Clinton on Iran

While I believe we should vote for Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, we should nevertheless make a suggestion to Hillary Clinton in the event she becomes president.

Philippine president swears at Obama

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte swears at President Obama for surrender of much Asia to Red China. After an eight-year legacy of weakness, China, Russia and rogue nations are advancing against America and our allies around the globe.

Keeping Americans in the dark defies common sense

Jed Babbin's recent column ("Bob Corker's blunder helping Obama get Iran deal," Web, Aug. 30) appropriately criticized President Obama's United Nations Security Council Resolution promoting the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. Unfortunately, he grossly mischaracterized my role in the congressional debate over the Iran nuclear agreement.

Trump won't be 'Arbenz'ed

After reading another fascinating article by Wesley Pruden regarding the media's obsessive desire to vanquish Donald Trump by whatever means necessary, I was reminded of one Col. Jacobo Arbenz Guzman, erstwhile president of Guatemala, who became a forlorn victim of the media ("When a presidential race rages out of control," Web, Aug. 11).

Stop vote suppression

The presidential election is fast approaching. A question every voter should ask is: Will my vote for a president count or will it be a victim of vote suppression? Because of the all-or-nothing approach we use with the electoral college results, many votes for president are swept aside.

Exit the way you entered

To be an immigration restrictionist today is to reside in a political Groundhog Day where sensible enforcement strategies of yesteryear have disappeared into a black hole.