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Superficial convention

The Democratic National Convention has done a lot to live up to the stupidity of the likes of the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others too numerous to mention.

No more Clinton laundry in White House

After watching former President Bill Clinton give his speech at the Democratic National Convention, one would have to come away thinking that old “Slick Willie” had once again hit it out of the proverbial ballpark. That is, until you look at what he said and didn’t say.

Still chance for Cruz?

We face a tough election choice. Donald Trump may be too unstable to trust with the nuclear trigger. Hillary Clinton seems to support the Iran deal that allows a 24-day waiting period before the inspection of a suspected nuclear site. Some experts say that’s not a problem, but other experts say it is.

Value-free DNC

The Democratic National Committee has offered its “deep and sincere apology” to Sen. Bernie Sanders (“DNC — but not Wasserman Schultz — offers ‘sincere apology’ to Sanders over leaked emails.” Web, July 25). Like every other habitual criminal, the committee’s feelings of remorse come right after being caught.

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Fix electoral college

At least presumptively it's correct to say Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, but we must remember that this is still an unpredictable year with an unconventional presumptive nominee ("The GOP has its nominee," Web, May 8).

New concerns about free speech

The Justice Department's demand that the University of New Mexico define any "unwelcome" speech about sexual matters as "sexual harassment" violates the First Amendment. ("'Harassment' under Title IX raises concern on free speech," Web, May 2). If followed, it would ban jokes, cartoons and discussions that only hypersensitive people find offensive, at a huge cost to free speech.

Voters must say no to Hillary

Hillary Clinton continues to parade as a viable presidential candidate, but her charade will soon be over when she is finally charged criminally for her email operation while secretary of State. She is covering up her scandalous conduct in handling classified information and wants Americans to forget what she did in Benghazi.

Trump will unite the opposition

Members of the Republican Party have spoken clearly. Their choice for president is the candidate who is coarse, crude and ignorant, one who is as much a liberal Democrat as one who values the tenets of the Grand Old Party.

Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary

If Donald Trump fixes the economy, strengthens our military, secures our borders and nominates conservative Supreme Court justices as he has said he would, he should seriously be considered for president by the #Nevertrump crowd. To not vote for the Republican nominee is a vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. We know what we will get if the Democrat is elected.

Trump can unite the GOP

Those Republicans and conservatives who sent mailings and used the media to solicit funds and do everything possible to end President Obama's destructive policies and prevent Hillary Clinton from being the next president, and who are now doing everything possible to prevent Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, from succeeding, were and remain dishonest individuals.

New concerns about free speech

The Justice Department's demand that the University of New Mexico define any "unwelcome" speech about sexual matters as "sexual harassment" violates the First Amendment. ("'Harassment' under Title IX raises concern on free speech," Web, May 2). If followed, it would ban jokes, cartoons and discussions that only hypersensitive people find offensive, at a huge cost to free speech.

Taking issue with the White House Press Corps

Surely this will not shock or even mildly surprise you. Personal surveys of each of the 72 members of the White House Press Corp reveals that not a single reporter is a Republican. A staggering 60 percent said they are not even registered to vote. As expected, a large number said they planned to vote for Hillary Clinton with a single reporter saying that he would consider voting for Republican front runner Donald Trump.

Restore felon voting rights

Recently I learned that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, by executive order, restored the right to vote to felons who had completed the full sentence imposed upon them by a court ("Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to restore voting rights of more than 200,000 convicted felons," Web, April 22).

When criminals go free

He we find another Obama henchman pleading ignorance and showing a clear inability to perform her job by using the "oops, we are stupid" gambit by continually releasing more criminal illegal aliens than we detain ("Detention beds left empty as criminals go free," Web, April 29).

Vouchers cheaper, more effective

Even though the Obama White House, perhaps mindful of its current resident's 'legacy,' will not try yet again to kill the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program begun by Congress in 2004, it was not above recently issuing a snarky statement that the federal government should spend all-out in order to improve public schools for "all students" rather than "using federal resources to support a handful of students in private schools" ("White House won't veto D.C. school voucher bill," Web, April 27).

Cruz would fix Iran deal

Perhaps we can avoid a nuclear Armageddon by electing Sen. Ted Cruz as president. I believe Mr. Cruz is the most likely candidate to re-negotiate President Obama's Iran deal, which allows the Middle Eastern nation to house nuclear weaponry at suspected (as opposed to known) sites, as well as 24 days' notice in which to move the weapons.

Tubman is Tubman, gun or no

I found "No whitewash for Harriet Tubman" (Web, April 24) very interesting. Feelings of understanding and conflict coursed through me as I, too, contemplated which image of Harriet Tubman should grace the front of the $20 bill. While taking the time to think truly about the actual significance of this overall historical honor of Ms. Tubman, my African-American pride started to take effect.

Taiwan can mediate

The tensions in Asia are bound to undergo changes ("An American 'wall of missiles' to deter China" Web, April 25), but there is a mediator available to ease these in the South China Sea. Instead of positioning the arsenal platforms to counter China, Washington should take a close look at Taiwan's role within the region and determine how Taiwan can unravel the dangerous escalation in U.S.-China relations.

Use captured funds wisely

The war against the Islamic State continues unabated, with the bad guys losing 1,500 to 2,000 fighters per month, according to the Pentagon. In fact, the terrorist group has reportedly lost so many front-line fighters that it is no longer able to replace dead soldiers one-for-one, instead only replacing 25 percent. We have also reportedly been successful in destroying a large chunk of the Islamic State's oil business.

Voter ID upholds exiting laws

While elated to see the federal court uphold voter ID for my North Carolina neighbors ("Federal ruling on N. Carolina voting laws bolsters voter ID," Web, April 26), I am deeply saddened that a measure to prevent fraud and corruption of the American political process by the political left had to find sanctuary in legal corridors.

Cruz-Kasich alliance will fail

Fox News host Megyn Kelly tried to knee-cap Donald Trump at the first Republican debate with her very first question. Since then the erstwhile Republican establishment (yes, Megyn, that would include you) have deployed every tactic, dirty trick, sleight of hand and Machiavellian scheme at its disposal to try to derail the Trump funicular as it chugs inexorably toward the top.

Two-party system a failure

This election season we have seen that the Republican and Democratic parties no longer provide the United States a valuable service, assuming they ever did. The Democrats have offered us the most dishonest, least trustworthy, most openly avaricious, most judgmentally challenged candidate for the presidency — possibly in the history of the United States. Yet they support her for no better reason than that she is a Democrat.

'Brexit' a solution for UK

President Obama warns that were the United Kingdom to leave the European Union ("Brexit") our special relationship would be undermined and international order destabilized ("Obama warns British over leaving European Union,' Web, April 22). But this assumes that continuity of foreign policy is the default option. Dare one mention Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya?