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Nothing left to trickle down

Almost without exception the news media seems to be praying that every time there is a high-visibility shooting, the perpetrator is a “right-wing,” tea party or pro-life supporter of the Constitution.

Obama silent on police murder

The unconscionable ambush assassination of Houston Deputy Darren Goforth this week continues the war waged by murderous gangsters against police throughout the nation (“Suspect in ambush of Houston-area deputy due in court,” Web, Aug. 31).

End voter fraud with IDS

Debate continues on whether we should require photo identification for all voters. One must consider why it is appropriate to require an ID for the writing a check or the paying of a bill (and taxes), but it is ‘unreasonable’ to require a voter to identify himself when it comes to choosing our leaders.

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Religious leaders not infallible

Pope Francis is infallible, or so his flock believes, in matters of Catholic religious doctrine. His clerical robes and position as leader of Roman Catholicism, however, grant him no special expertise when it comes to other subjects fraught with dispute. He brings nothing new to the table with respect to the vicissitudes of climate, the vexing Palestinian problem, changing hemlines in women's fashion or any other of the problems that beset us.

Why the vice presidential pick matters

Conservative voters and Republican strategists are grossly overlooking the vital importance of the vice presidential pick in terms of winning the next U.S. presidential election. We all know that presidential candidates are now more of an entertainment, inducement, and campaign-speaking-skill popularity contest, yet they may come with a powerful, strong, and experienced VP sharing the helm.

No free market in the fueling sector

The free market will not move America forward because there is no free market present in the fueling sector ("Congress should red-line 'green' gas rules of the EPA," Web, June 1). The oil industry has a monopoly on the pump — and therefore you, the consumer.

It's all about the Clintons

Is anyone really surprised that the Clinton Foundation is a slush fund that gives favors to the highest donors ('Favors to foundation stretch back to Clinton's Senate days,' Web, June 10)?

Good presidents don't wait

Jimmy Carter is smiling and Warren Harding is rolling over in his grave as neither is any longer in competition as America's worst-ever president. That distinction now goes solely to Barack Obama.

Time to take on fanatics is now

Wake up America. What happened in 1938, 1939 and on is happening again today. The world and America ignored what Hitler was doing until it became apparent that the Nazis had to be defeated. Then 50 -70 million people died because we didn't listen to people such as Winston Churchill and waited until Hitler forced the world to pay attention. It is happening again today.

Ignore celebrity sex crises

Why on earth would I be interested in Bruce Jenner's sex life, or whether he wants to view himself as a man or as a woman? Don't people have enough problems of their own, trying to deal with the hand that was dealt them, that we must become absorbed with a celebrity who can't?

National leaders deserve encouragement

American citizens ought to be more encouraging and less critical of local and national leaders. Increasingly, the majority of criticisms directed at those in positions of leadership have not been constructive, but destructive. Most are rooted in ignorance, jealousy, envy, hatred, phobias, and many types of isms. To the proud originators of destructive criticism, the words of President Theodore Roosevelt are most applicable.

Obama's convenience 'Judaism'

When a pathological liar tells a whopper, he does it in spades. Now President Obama has become a 'convenience Jew,' just like Sen. Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, and the rest ("Obama's boast: 'I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat' in the Oval Office," Web, June 2).

Spying -- but not where it matters

Radical Islam is forcing the United States into succumbing to the threat of terrorism. In the interest of national security (or so says the Congress and the Obama administration), the telephone companies will be holding mass-collected telephone data from you and me pursuant to the U.S. Freedom Act.

U.S. anti-ISIS fight toothless

We have become accustomed to Congress members complaining that the actions taken against the Islamic State are halfhearted, or worse, ineffective. They are correct. Far too few attacks have been undertaken against the terrorist group, and even with these limited numbers too many planes return without having dropped their bombs because of the ultra-restrictive rules of engagement.

Peace initiative a good deal for all

Contrary to your recent editorial, Republic of China (Taiwan) President Ma Ying-jeou's South China Sea Peace Initiative (SCSPI), which calls on parties concerned to shelve territorial disputes in favor of the joint exploitation of natural resources in the South China Sea, did not walk Taiwan "into a trap" that "fits into Beijing's strategy" ("Face-off in Singapore," May 29). Quite to the contrary, Mr. Ma's peace initiative will provide the necessary framework to avoid any real trap, namely the trap of ever-increasing tensions among South China Sea claimants and the associated risks such tensions entail.

Hillary's chance shot

Hillary Clinton's main problem in her long-term campaign to become president is having that heavy monkey on her back that is impossible to shake off: Bill Clinton, the impeached and disgraced former president.

Not all Okinawans want U.S. base

Robert Eldridge accuses the supporters of Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga, who was recently in Washington to appeal the Okinawa issue, by saying they do not represent "all Okinawa" at all because "Okinawan public opinion is very much divided" ("The other side to the Okinawa story," Web, May 31). Sure enough, there is a right-wing fringe group in Okinawa that is viscerally pro-U.S.-military-presence, pro-Henoko-relocation and pro-revisionism. Mr. Eldridge is closely associated with this group. He is even a hero among them.

Where is HSBC outrage?

I can't believe I'm reading more bad news coming from HSBC, perhaps the most corrupt bank in the history of the world. After paying a record $2-billion fine a few years ago for money laundering to murderous drug cartels and terrorists, the banking giant, federal prosecutors are now saying, could still be committing these illegal, anti-American acts ultimately designed to kill innocent Americans.

Shorter tour, fewer concessions?

The bad news is that Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg in a bike accident ("John Kerry breaks leg in bike crash, ends overseas trip early," Web, May 31). The good news is that for the time being it may stop him from offering further concessions to the tentative, one-sided nuclear agreement with Iran. So far there has only been a give to Iran with no reciprocity on the part of the leaders of that nation.

Condolences to Biden family

My heart goes out to Vice President Joe Biden and his entire family over the tragic loss of Mr. Biden's son, Beau Biden. At age 46, Beau Biden had accomplished much in his professional life as a public servant, having served in the military during the Iraq war and two terms as attorney general of Delaware. He was popular in Delaware, and he wanted to serve his state even further by running for governor in 2016.

Real leadership

On Christmas Day, 1941, Adm. Chester Nimitz arrived by Catalina flying boat to command the Pacific Fleet. He saw the Pearl Harbor attack had missed dry docks, repair shops and the tank farm. Therefore the carriers, their escorts and submarines stood ready to take the offensive. Nimitz knew some very good men had taken a terrible beating, so when he officially took command on Dec. 31, he told the assembled staffs he had complete and unlimited confidence in every one of them.

Islamic State not real Muslims

Recently, the "khalifa" of ISIS released a message calling all Muslims to fight for the Islamic State and the Caliphate. This message is terrifying for Muslims for two reasons. It aims to do the following: represent Islam as a violent religion which supports the atrocities committed by this terrorist group and mislead other Muslims to partake in the evils committed by the Islamic State.