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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: When did left learn of profit?

The Obama administration is crowing over an agreement that will force the Bank of America to pay nearly $17 billion to end lawsuits related to deficient home loans and mortgage-backed securities sold prior to the 2008 financial crisis (“Bank of America reaches $17B settlement with U.S.,” Web, Aug. 20).

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let torture report speak for itself

It is regrettable that The Washington Times chose to include so early on in its article on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan and comprehensive CIA Torture Report Jose Rodriguez Jr., one of the most outspoken torture proponents, without also mentioning that Mr. Rodriguez was the CIA official who ordered the destruction of videotapes showing CIA torture (“Senate torture report didn’t interview responsible CIA officers,” Web, Aug. 25). Mr. Rodriguez, for one, should let the facts in the report speak for themselves and show the American people what was done in their name.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Netanyahu should 'finish the job'

Memo to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Given the fact that Hamas' top priority is the destruction of Israel and its citizens, the fact that it kidnapped and killed three innocent teenage boys, is indiscriminately firing rockets into densely populated cities and has steadfastly refused to negotiate a lasting peace deal, you have more than enough reason to continue your military response.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama welcomes illegals, ignores Americans

The Washington Times

There isn't a single country anywhere on this planet that doesn't protect its borders; that is, with the lone exception of the United States. Both political parties seem unable to reach the basic understanding that our country first and foremost must secure its borders. Now, to now make matters much worse, President Obama has taken action through "executive privilege," saying that states' underage illegals will not be punished or prosecuted.