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Still chance for Cruz?

We face a tough election choice. Donald Trump may be too unstable to trust with the nuclear trigger. Hillary Clinton seems to support the Iran deal that allows a 24-day waiting period before the inspection of a suspected nuclear site. Some experts say that’s not a problem, but other experts say it is.

Value-free DNC

The Democratic National Committee has offered its “deep and sincere apology” to Sen. Bernie Sanders (“DNC — but not Wasserman Schultz — offers ‘sincere apology’ to Sanders over leaked emails.” Web, July 25). Like every other habitual criminal, the committee’s feelings of remorse come right after being caught.

U.S. indeed less safe now

When you look at the statistics of the past 10 years, crime has been trending downward. Even with the increase in crime in the largely Democratic inner cities such as Chicago, Baltimore and Washington, the overall national trend of major crimes in America has been down until this year.

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Time to clean house(s)

Why would anyone ever again vote for a Democrat? We have hundreds of thousands of people looking for work and hundreds of thousands more who have given up looking. We have millions of people who are under-employed; the man who bags my groceries has a college degree.

Cruz right on N.Y. values

I must defend Sen. Ted Cruz and his recent comment about "New York values" ("Ted Cruz: 'New York values' on display when NYPD officers turned backs on Bill de Blasio," Web, April 18). I am a born-and-bred New Yorker from Queens, and am well aware of the New York values to which Cruz referred.

Vote your conscience in November

President Obama has gone too far in accomplishing his promised fundamental transformation of America. He has managed to seriously diminish our national security, double our national debt, damage our economy and create deep divisions among our people with the obsessive promotion of his insidious legacy.

Time to act against Russia, Iran

The massive loss of life on and damage to the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen in October 2000 by Islamist suicide bombers seems to have escaped the attention of our president. President Obama had his bluff called in the Middle East over a "red line" in the sand.

Help stop Zika now

Senate Democrats are correct: The money to battle Zika needs to come now ("Senate Dems to Mitch McConnell: Take up $2B Zika request now," Web, April 18). Global health is a concern for all of us. Zika is spreading, and with the coming of warm weather and mosquitoes it is only a matter of time until it explodes in America.

Clinton, Sanders waste debates

The Democratic presidential debates have become events during which Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders spend their time pointing fingers at each other ("Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders trade blows in contentious Democratic debate," Web, April 14).

Climate cops gone too far

Apparently, if you have questions about the scientific veracity of and political motivation behind climate-change alarmism, the Democrats are coming for you. After reading Valerie Richardson's April 18 front-page piece I'm checking my rearview mirror a lot more frequently ("Democrats plotted to rap climate dissenters").

Don't delist grizzly

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem hoping to see one of our iconic grizzly bears. Despite claims that the grizzly population has recovered, it is still a rare and remarkable experience to see a grizzly bear.

TTIP bad news for U.S., Europe

President Obama is visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron this week, and wil no doubt be discussing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The existence of TTIP is deeply worrying and immoral.

Boston Globe needs reality check

The Boston Globe editorial writers recently wrote an amateurish, fake story condemning Republican presidential contender Donald Trump ("Pulp fiction: The Boston Globe satirical attack on Donald Trump is just plain odd," Web, April 10). The writers state that as president, Mr. Trump will have an enemies list. This is a wild accusation for a so-called responsible paper to publish.

Kasich fit to be president

As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives before he was elected governor of Ohio, John Kasich served as chairman of the House Budget Committee and succeeded in balancing the federal budget. He has vowed that, as president, balancing the federal budget will be his priority. As governor of Ohio he has reduced taxes by $5 billion and erased the state's deficit.

Change is possible, but hard

As a longtime admirer of Clifford May's op-eds I have to shout "Bravo" after reading "Can America change course?" (Web, April 12). Underlying Mr. May's thesis that it will be difficult for any new incumbent of the Oval Office to make dramatic changes to our national security strategy is the recognition of how much President Obama's promise of changing America has been achieved during his time in office.

Stand up to Russia, Iran

It's pathetic to watch the integrity and status of the U.S. military dwindle. From the recent intimidation of our Navy vessels by the Russians doing low fly-bys and buzzing our ships in the Baltic Sea, to the taking of 10 of our sailors by the Iranians, our military may well have fallen to an all-time low and become a laughingstock for the world to see ("Russia rejects criticism of fly-by near US Navy destroyer," Web, April 14).

Wage-raise fallacy a vote trap

Once again the politicians are singing the siren song of "raise the minimum wage." To poorly educated workers who are earning minimum wage, it sounds like the answer to their prayers. But it won't elevate these individuals econommically and the politicians know it.

School can still teach morals

Cal Thomas and I regret the lack of moral standards and guidelines around today ("Whose morality?" Web, April 6), but I believe the universal standard for choosing between right and wrong comes down to the answer to a simple query: Is the thing in question suitable to human nature?

Voters tired of rigged politics

Support for Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz this presidential-election season is an obvious backlash to congressional Republicans betraying voters throughout President Obama's term. Voters, rules and promises no longer seem to matter to those in power. All that does seems to be obtaining power and wielding it to reward friends, punish enemies and amass more power .

Colleagues scared of Cruz

There are two reasons why Republican senators don't officially endorse (or at least publicly support) Ted Cruz for president ("Cruz's winning ways have yet to win over fellow GOP senators," Web, April 7). The first is Mr. Cruz's brilliance, and the second is his backbone.

Inconvenient doesn't mean corrupt

Donald Trump thinks the Republican — and, for that matter, the Democratic — presidential-nominating process is corrupt because, in his opinion, the candidate with the most delegates from a party's primaries should automatically be that party's nominee. That's not how it works, Donald.

Trump's hypocrisy

I am fed up with the misinformation and propaganda coming from Republican front-runner Donald Trump and his campaign. The biggest lie coming from the camp of Mr. Trump, the biggest loser, is that if he has a plurality of delegates he should be the Republican nominee, but that "the establishment" is going to "steal" the nomination from him.