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Vote Libertarian in 2016

In the last two weeks of July, non-stop cable TV gave us insight into the presidential nominees selected by the Republican and Democratic parties. Afterward we wondered, “Is this the best they have to offer?” Both parties presented candidates who are demonstratively dishonest and temperamentally unfit for the office of president.

Clinton, Trump equally bad for U.S.

During this election cycle, Donald Trump made an issue of Sen. Ted Cruz’s “natural-born” status, but few even considered the reason our Founders put those words into the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers feared that an agent of a foreign government could be elected president and not have the interests of the United States as their first and only priority.

Superficial convention

The Democratic National Convention has done a lot to live up to the stupidity of the likes of the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others too numerous to mention.

No more Clinton laundry in White House

After watching former President Bill Clinton give his speech at the Democratic National Convention, one would have to come away thinking that old “Slick Willie” had once again hit it out of the proverbial ballpark. That is, until you look at what he said and didn’t say.

Still chance for Cruz?

We face a tough election choice. Donald Trump may be too unstable to trust with the nuclear trigger. Hillary Clinton seems to support the Iran deal that allows a 24-day waiting period before the inspection of a suspected nuclear site. Some experts say that’s not a problem, but other experts say it is.

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Colleagues scared of Cruz

There are two reasons why Republican senators don't officially endorse (or at least publicly support) Ted Cruz for president ("Cruz's winning ways have yet to win over fellow GOP senators," Web, April 7). The first is Mr. Cruz's brilliance, and the second is his backbone.

Inconvenient doesn't mean corrupt

Donald Trump thinks the Republican — and, for that matter, the Democratic — presidential-nominating process is corrupt because, in his opinion, the candidate with the most delegates from a party's primaries should automatically be that party's nominee. That's not how it works, Donald.

Trump's hypocrisy

I am fed up with the misinformation and propaganda coming from Republican front-runner Donald Trump and his campaign. The biggest lie coming from the camp of Mr. Trump, the biggest loser, is that if he has a plurality of delegates he should be the Republican nominee, but that "the establishment" is going to "steal" the nomination from him.

Fracking is a must

Thank you for publishing "How fracking reduces greenhouse gases" (Web, April 10). The op-ed was an extremely important piece to publish because many of the same people who want immediate action on climate change oppose fracking. Mr. Moore's piece clearly demonstrates that those two belief systems are incompatible.

Kasich's best move

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has called for challenger John Kasich -- who has only won his home state of Ohio and cannot mathematically accrue the number of delegates to win the Republican nomination -- to drop out of the race.

Trump's Reagan-speech swipe

Donald Trump's slogan sounds Reagan-esque ("A nation worse for wear," Web, April 5) because it was in Ronald Reagan's acceptance speech in the 1980 campaign. It was also the theme of the Republican convention that year.

Sick of 'professional politicians'

I respectfully disagree with those who think Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. We have had decades of Republicans in power, and then Democrats in power, and then again, Republicans in power, and nothing has changed. It's time to shake things up.

Hillary-victory prediction premature

One can only hope that Hillary Clinton's feminist myth-makers continue to make spin out of polls, given how unreliable they have been thus far in the 2016 primaries ("Donald Trump doomed against Hillary Clinton as gender gap becomes abyss, polls show," Web, April 5).

Stop hamstringing U.S.

The Putin propaganda monument is an insult to the more than 100 million victims of communism. Seven million of these victims fled from the Soviet Army at the end of World War II, which brought Joseph Stalin's murderous dictatorship to Central Europe. The Soviets had many confrontations with the U.S. Army, at one time refusing previously agreed-upon U.S. entrance to Berlin.

Megachurch earnings mega fraud?

Recently some scrutiny has been cast upon evangelists representing the mega churches of America. Some people have raised legitimate questions about these evangelists' compensation — is it fair, opulent or downright obscene?

D.C. needs wage raise too

Earlier this week the Times reported that New York state had passed groundbreaking laws to raise the minimum wage to $15 and provide paid maternal and paternal leave to residents ("New York, California pass $15 minimum wage," Web, April 4). As a Washington resident, I am thrilled to see New York moving forward on raising the minimum wage and paid family leave.

Easy Zika-prevention move

Robert Novak and Paul Driessen are correct in topping their list of things that people "need to do" now to stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases with the suggestion we "[d]estroy mosquito-producing sites" ("It's not just the Zika bug," Web, April 3). Unfortunately, they fail to mention two of the most obvious and effective actions everyone can take for accomplishing this. First, just stop littering. Second, clean up the existing roadside litter now before the mosquito-breeding season begins.

Supreme Court needs nine

It is the constitutional power of the president of the United States to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court when a vacancy on the bench appears. Although our current Republican-majority Congress rejects the idea of a liberal president replacing the seat of a conservative judge, there is nothing in the Constitution that would disallow such an appointment.

Trump unfit for presidency

It is unlikely that Donald Trump will ever be president. Because of a flawed primary process, a news media that is hooked on style over substance and a relatively small band of irrationally angry voters, Mr. Trump has been made to look like a winner. In fact, most Republican primary voters oppose him.

Unilateral climate acts useless

The coalition of attorneys general who filed a brief last week in support of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan (CPP) apparently do not understand that the CPP will have no measurable impact on global climate ("Democratic attorneys general to police climate change dissent," Web, March 29).

No more 'apprentices'

Donald Trump's slogan, "Make America Great Again!" is an insult to "we the people" of the most exceptional country in the world. Mr. Trump, give us the date that America stopped being great. Is the idea of America as articulated by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address less valid today than yesterday?

Pro-Trump doesn't mean racist

The scrawling of a pro-Trump message on a whiteboard affixed to a student's door so offended the Scripps College student body president that she sent a campus-wide email denouncing the incident as "racist" ("Scripps College student government censures 'racist' pro-Trump message," Web, March 28). The written phase: "#trump2016."

Time to accept Trump

I've told my fellow Republicans and others repeatedly that my opinions on "The Donald" are still mixed. However, if I believed all the positives about him, we could be in for a very surprising and momentous victory should he win the presidency — particularly over a very flawed Democratic nominee.

Handing the election to Hillary

Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination but then lose to Hillary Clinton in the general election. He might severely damage the Republican Party and adversely impact Republicans in congressional and state races. His un-American campaign of political violence and hooliganism is reminiscent of 20th-century Nazi and communist dictators.