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Pentagon under no ‘green’ illusions

Rebecca Hagelin’s “Peace through diversity?” op-ed (Web, May 21) article requires a response. I’m just a visitor here in Maryland and happened to read Ms. Hagelin’s piece. Though not an expert, I had to wonder about the wisdom of her conclusions. She lumps diversity and global warming together as absurd world views that result in “ridiculous and dangerous military strategy.”

Trump is not Nixon

The anti-Trump crowd is claiming that President Trump has, like Richard Nixon, committed an impeachable offense. Thus pressure is being applied to force his resignation.

Anti-Jewish sentiment unwelcome

I was stunned to read an apparent ad (not so identified) by A.H. Krieg, titled “Another French Fiasco,” in your national weekly edition on May 15. I will not lend credence to this outrageous rant by quoting its incessant and unsupported insults to Jews. I read “Mein Kampf” when I studied German history at Yale many years ago, and this ad was a similar excuse for reasoned, intelligent writing that should never have gotten by any of your editors.

Who’s the real criminal?

I would be remiss in doing my civic duty if I kept my mouth shut when I saw a terrible injustice. The Democrats have defamed, assaulted and slandered President Trump unmercifully since he took office.

Information-leaking hypocrisy

On the one hand, Democrats are outraged over President Trump’s “treasonable” interactions with the Russians. On the other, their sympathetic minions in the CIA selectively leak classified material in an attempt to malign and scuttle Mr. Trump’s presidency. The hypocrisy is astounding. Too busy castigating Mr. Trump and colluding to pave a path to his impeachment, the Democrats insist that the people’s business wait while they conduct their witch hunts.

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U.S. taking power back from left

Donald Trump assuming the presidency finds an unhinged political left still unable to cope with or accept the reality that President Obama's anti-American transformation is being erased by pro-American restoration.

Executive order necessary

As attested to by the FBI, the U.S. intelligence community is concerned that the Islamic State has the ability to manufacture fraudulent passports ("How Donald Trump strengthens national security," Web, Feb. 1).

Illegals, refugees cost us billions

The news media has been making much of the recent protests against President Trump's refugee-entrance suspension and deportation of illegals. Yet refugees and illegals are costing American citizens billions of dollars a year in welfare, education and health benefits. Do citizens have a choice in contributing to these benefits? No, we are being forced to pay them via taxes and inflation of the dollar by the central bank, which causes prices to rise and is a form of tax.

Trump refugee move has precedent

Our friends on the political left continue to show their incredible hypocrisy. While claiming to support women and immigrants, they are more than a little critical of our first lady, who is both. President Trump has promised to do his best to keep the United States and all of her people safe and secure. Therefore it is reasonable for him to declare that no strangers will enter our country until we are sure they mean us no harm.

Puzder pick bad for wage growth

In an effort to distract attention from the historically unqualified labor secretary nominee Andrew Puzder, Richard Berman sought to slander Oxfam ("Going after the choice for Labor," Web, Jan. 23)

Trump's unforgivable omission

It is shameful that President Trump's International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement failed to mention Jews or anti-Semitism, particularly since the president is making a big push to establish closer ties with Israel and that his son-in-law Jared Kushner, daughter Ivanka Trump and three of his grandchildren are all Jewish. This was an inexcusable omission ("US museum defines Holocaust after White House is criticized," Web, Jan. 30).

Rebuild military to regain strength

President Donald Trump must now seize the opportunity to embrace his role as commander in chief, rebuild our military and secure peace through strength. This will require a base defense budget of $640 billion, which is $540 billion above current plans.

Scapegoat Russia

I think we know who really caused the Benghazi fiasco: Vladimir Putin. I understand that he, and not some mysterious video, really stirred those murderous uprisings. Let the truth be known. After all, Mr. Putin is a KGB man.

Running on empty

When a government raises spending and cuts taxes, it increases the debt. When it increases the number of people getting food stamps and other forms of welfare (which the Obama administration did for the past eight years), doesn't that also increase the national debt? What about some of the wasteful spending programs both parties continue to fund?

The real danger isn't Trump

There has been a lot of talk about how President Trump is horribly likely to cause some sort of nuclear detonation in the world. The awful truth, though, is that in recent years we've been closer to a nuclear bomb going off than ever before, including during the Cold War years, and we could currently face a manifestation of that reality.

Don't bury group namew

The first word of Thursday's most important Washington Times article (as determined by the piece's top-left, front-page placement) was "watchdog" ("Watchdog sees need for election fraud probe"). This term refers to the group that provided the news peg for this story, so one would think that identifying it and describing its actions would have been pretty basic and important to the credibility of the article.

Beware Putin

Some suggest that a personal animosity toward Hillary Clinton motivates Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Mr. Putin's 'reset button' comment on the Hillary tiding suggests the man does not take her seriously enough to merit a personal animosity.

There's time and place for dissent

"On the outside, looking in" (Web, Jan. 23) hit the nail on the head. Members of Congress are elected first and foremost to work for the interests of their districts. Gratuitously disrespecting the new president by not attending the inauguration and grandstanding over the decision to do so does nothing to help constituents, and in fact makes it harder for these members to have their voices heard when it really matters.

Deliberate inauguration obstacles

I attended the first Obama inauguration and tried to attend last Friday's event. I have no doubt the crowd on the mall at Mr. Obama's was larger, but I am surprised at the absence of media coverage of the obstacles that prevented many people from attending Mr. Trump's inauguration.

News media still trying to divide

I am very perturbed by the news outlets that continuously admonish our newly elected president, Donald Trump, for every word he utters. Like all American citizens, President Trump has the right to think and speak his peace. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, members of the news media want him to talk like a politician and adhere to their way of thinking. It's a pathetic commentary on the state of the media that they try to influence the public with their opinions while they deny us ours.

Use Russia with caution

Does President Trump trust communist Russia but distrust our intelligence agencies? Will he stand up to Russia, an adversary of the United States, a country that wants to spread its totalitarianism to Europe, the Middle East and North America?

Hypocritical protesters

I watched the presidential inauguration on TV and the marches and riots before and after that event. I am amazed at how many ignorant, evil and deceived people there are in this world.

Cheers to candid Trump

The failure of the mainstream liberal media and political establishment to predict the Trump tsunami that swept across the country on Nov. 8, 2016, reinforces just how out-of-touch and/or corrupt they really are. The voting public is no long willing to swallow their lies/half-truths/distortions whole and without question. The Washington elites' reliance on conditioned 'Pavlov's voters' to do as they're told without question is coming to an abrupt end.