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Ross Perot (Associated Press)

The pariah at the Republican funeral

- The Washington Times

The Republican elites sound like the man who was so beset by troubles and miseries that he hitchhiked to New York because there wasn't a building in his hometown tall enough to jump from.

President Obama mostly watched as the Islamic State, defeated by U.S. forces in 2009, reassembled the old al Qaeda in Iraq leadership apparatus across the border amid the turmoil of the Syrian civil war. (Associated Press)

President Obama lets a tragedy go to waste

Barack Obama can't help being who he is. He knows the words but he doesn't hear the music of America. Some of us hear it, and some of us don't. Mr. Obama doesn't want to be a wartime leader -- Washington at Valley Forge, Lincoln at Fort Sumter, Roosevelt at Pearl Harbor -- but there he is, like it or not. Everyone, friend and foe, knows he doesn't like it, and that makes him a leader who can't lead.

"We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world," President Obama said. (Associated Press)

A nation in search of leadership, not mush

- The Washington Times

Barack Obama and the Democrats have their words to live by, as set out by Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago: "Never let a tragedy go to waste." The massacre at San Bernardino is made to liberal order.

Robert E. Lee. (Associated Press)

The showboating student, hard at work

- The Washington Times

There is much to do for the student with awakened conscience. Scrubbing out the moral stains on America, to make the grove of academe the bright spot of the fruited plain, is a job bigger than anyone first imagined.

George H. W. Bush   Associated Press photo

Weak, confused and 'unable to grasp'

- The Washington Times

Many bad things happen when a leader is weak, confused and forever in search of a credible reason to do nothing. For all his softness on Islam, Barack Obama has little insight into the men who send out mobs to cry "death to America." He can't imagine that men can listen to the call to evening Muslim prayer, which so captivated him as a boy growing up in Indonesia -- "the prettiest sound on Earth" -- and be inspired to dream of bringing down death on America.

Former President George W. Bush speaks at the George W. Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University in Dallas on Feb. 19, 2014. (Associated Press) **FILE**

How Obama cooks the terrorism numbers

- The Washington Times

Barack Obama has given an eloquent testimony to a Christian faith, but his sympathies are always with Islam. He insisted from Asia that "99.9 percent of Muslims worldwide reject terrorism," and that's good news, if true. But it clearly is not.

French President Francois Hollande. (Associated Press)

Is there a leader in the house?

- The Washington Times

Everyone agrees that someone must lead the West against radical Islam, but who? Once upon a time, when crisis and fear of the unknown was abroad in the land, everyone looked to the president of the United States, confident that he would take charge and call down the lightning that won two world wars.

Sir Edmund Hilary

Hillary tells it to the Marines

- The Washington Times

The girl just can't help herself. Hillary Clinton has a trust problem. Voters tell the pollsters they think she's a liar. Nobody but party hacks and feminist true believers trust her.

Ben Carson. (Associated Press)

Ben Carson learns about his 'place'

- The Washington Times

A black candidate for president learns the hard way that the media culture expects him to know a black man's place, and stay there. That place has to be in the Democratic Party.

Vladimir Putin. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Vladimir Putin continues the late education of Barack Obama

- The Washington Times

The devil can quote Scripture, as any theologian can tell you, and just because Vladimir Putin says something doesn't make it not so. The big chief of the Russians has challenged the theology of the Church of Global Warming in advance of a convocation of nations this month in Paris to come up with ideas for monetizing a myth.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. (Associated Press)

A rowdy night with television's junior varsity

- The Washington Times

The rule in politics is that you can never win an argument with the man who buys ink by the barrel, so the wise man knows better than to start one. But paper and ink are not as important as they once were; knowing how to read is so 20th century. Just shut up and listen.

Joe Biden. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Once more, Hillary's a sure thing again

- The Washington Times

The Washington landscape is littered with presidential sure-things who never made it. A month ago, Hillary Clinton was lying dead in the weeds, waiting only the undertaker's art to make the corpse presentable. Joe Biden was the man standing by to take the party's desperate call to 911.

Martha Stewart. (Associated Press)

Hillary as first prisoner-in-chief

- The Washington Times

More than a few obstacles lie in Hillary Clinton's path to the White House, but the threat of an indictment, or even conviction and a term in a federal pokey, doesn't have to be one of them.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vermont independent.

Catnip for a Clinton

- The Washington Times

This could be make or break week for Hillary Clinton. She still has the money, the name recognition, and the big donors, but her sinking poll numbers say the public is finally on to her, and besides, who wants the distractions of another round of Flem Snopes and his kin in the White House?