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Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have been urged to ask Loretta Lynch, nominee to be attorney general, about her plans to prosecute federal laws on obscenity. (Associated Press)

Senate urged to ask AG nominee Loretta Lynch about stock fraud case

By Jim McElhatton - The Washington Times

More than two dozen conservative groups pressed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday to look into whether the federal prosecutor's office run by attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch violated restitution and crime victim laws in a major stock fraud case. Published January 22, 2015

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President Obama, greeting Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. before delivering his the State of the Union address, as a member of the Senate in 2005 voted against confirming the justice who would deliver the decisive vote in favor of his health care act. (Associated Press)

Obama assails Supreme Court

- The Washington Times

A day after snubbing liberal activists who were pushing for tougher campaign-finance regulations, President Obama took a swipe at the Supreme Court Wednesday for its "wrong" ruling five years ago on the issue.

President Obama has now issued veto threats in three of his State of the Union addresses. (Associated Press)

Obama sets record for veto threats in State of the Union address

- The Washington Times

President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday set a record for most veto threats as he promised to nix legislation to tweak Obamacare, change the Dodd-Frank Wall Street legislation, undo his deportation amnesty, and approve stronger sanctions to punish Iran for its nuclear program.

Image: White House Photo, Pete Souza

Obama's State of the Union speech to include $320B tax hike proposal

- The Washington Times

Escalating his battle with congressional Republicans, President Obama will propose $320 billion in higher taxes in his State of the Union address, mostly by raising the rate on capital gains and closing tax loopholes for wealthier families, senior administration officials said Saturday.

President Barack Obama speaks at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offices at the Constitution Center in Washington, Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, about his plan to improve confidence in technology by tackling identify theft and improving consumer and student privacy. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Obama lays out new data-protection bills

- The Washington Times

Marching toward his State of the Union address later this month, President Obama on Monday laid out new privacy proposals to protect American consumers and students from identity theft and data breaches.

The headquarters of Goldman Sachs in New York City is a looming presence. The investment bank announced Tuesday that it earned $1.05 billion for common shareholders in the second quarter, more than double its profits compared with the same period a year ago. But the amount was well below what analysts were expecting. (Associated Press)

Report raises fresh questions of Goldman Sachs oversight

- The Washington Times

A committee that included top U.S. banking regulators overturned the finding from a senior bank examiner that investment banking giant Goldman Sachs lacked adequate internal controls to prevent potential conflicts of interest, a watchdog group reported Monday.

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