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Health Care Reform

News coverage, opinion and information on health care reform and health care policy including the Affordable Care Act.

Senate Minority Leader-elect Chuck Schumer of  N.Y. speaks during an interview with The Associated Press in his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Chuck Schumer vows to work with Trump, but digs in on climate change

By Tom Howell Jr. - The Washington Times

Leading Senate Democrats on Sunday said they will not oppose President-elect Donald Trump's agenda just for the sake of it and will help him lift up workers who feel abandoned by Washington, yet they drew a red line on any efforts to repeal Obamacare, erode climate protections or push measures that smack of bigotry. Published November 20, 2016

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Court challenges have left much of President Obama's agenda in limbo, making it easy for President-elect Donald Trump to alter policy by dropping those cases. (Associated Press)

Justice Department backs down on immigration, digs in on Obamacare

- The Washington Times

The Justice Department has begun to suspend court cases over immigration policy, moving to give the Trump administration a chance to weigh in on the legal strategy, but it refused Tuesday to halt the challenge to Obamacare, suggesting it will try to go to the mat to protect the president's signature achievement.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell speaks at the Treasury Department in Washington on July 28, 2014. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

HHS predicts Obamacare growth, despite headaches

- The Washington Times

Obamacare's exchanges will attract roughly 1 million more customers than they did last year, administration officials predicted Wednesday, saying they're confident the program will grow in 2017 despite widespread concerns about rising premiums and dwindling consumer choice.

The HealthCare.gov website, where people can buy health insurance, is displayed on a laptop screen. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Insurer payments flouted plain text of Obamacare: Gov't report

- The Washington Times

The Obama administration failed to follow its own health care law by directing funds to insurers instead of taxpayers, nonpartisan government investigators said Thursday, chalking up a win for GOP critics and denting the White House's ability to satisfy insurers who are losing money under the overhaul.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Sun Center Studios, Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, in Aston, Penn. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

20M would lose health coverage under Donald Trump's plan: Study

- Associated Press

A new study that examines some major health care proposals from the presidential candidates finds that Donald Trump would cause about 20 million to lose coverage while Hillary Clinton would provide coverage for an additional 9 million people.

Six years after the Obamacare market exchanges went online, the experiment looks faulty, and broadcasters appear to be ignoring the problem. (Associated Press)

Public option seen as only way to save Obamacare

- The Washington Times

Rejected during the 2009 Obamacare debate as too controversial and unnecessary, the public option -- in which the government offers insurance that competes directly with private and nonprofit plans -- has been resurrected this year by Democrats who say it's the only way to rescue President Obama's struggling health care law.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington in this Dec. 17, 2014, file photo. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Census: Uninsured rate dropped to 9.1 percent in 2015

- The Washington Times

Four million more Americans held health insurance in 2015 than in 2014, according to Census report Tuesday that found 29 million people were still not covered and that Hispanics lagged behind other race or ethnic groups in getting covered, despite widespread gains attributed to Obamacare.

The HealthCare.gov website, where people can buy health insurance, is displayed on a laptop screen. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

GAO: Obamacare exchanges still vulnerable to fraud

- The Washington Times

Obamacare's web exchanges are still "vulnerable to fraud," according to a watchdog report Monday that says government investigators were able to get taxpayer-subsidized coverage for fake enrollees despite a brand-new safeguard against chicanery on the law's insurance exchanges.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the African Methodist Episcopal church national convention in Philadelphia, Friday, July 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Hillary Clinton's health plan to include a public option

- The Washington Times

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party continued tacking left over the weekend and offering olive branches to Sen. Bernard Sanders on health care, reforms to the nation's drug laws, minimum wage and other key issues — though they also handed him a stinging defeat on trade.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Treasury cooked up excuse for Obamacare payments, GOP report says

- The Washington Times

The Obama administration ignored its own advice and forged ahead with Obamacare payments to insurers without permission from Congress, House Republicans said Thursday in a scathing report that says the White House dismissed the Constitution's separation of powers and swiped $7 billion from taxpayers.

House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, Texas Republican, is joined by Rep. Virginia Foxx, North Carolina Republican, as he speaks during a panel on Capitol in Washington on May 7, 2014. (Associated Press) **FILE**

GOP duo touts Obamacare state opt-out plan

- The Washington Times

A pair of Republican lawmakers touted a health care plan Monday that would let states opt out of Obamacare, rather than repealing it outright, and deploy a program that uses a uniform tax credit to help Americans get insured.

Judge rules in favor of House Republicans in Obamacare lawsuit

- The Washington Times

A federal judge dealt President Obama and his health care law a major blow Thursday, ruling in favor of House Republicans who said the administration broke the law and trod on Congress' fundamental powers by paying Obamacare insurers without permission from Capitol Hill.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 10, 2015, before the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on President Obama's health care law. Burwell said it will be up to Congress and the states to decide what to do should the Supreme Court annul federal subsidies that are a cornerstone of Obama's health care law. (Associated Press) **FILE**

Obama admin: Help us design a medical bill people can understand

- The Washington Times

The Obama administration challenged health care groups, web developers and other innovators Monday to design a medical bill that patients can actually read and understand, saying a patchwork of content and jargon is overwhelming Americans who just want to know what they owe and why.

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Medicaid SGR Caduceus Screw Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

How to reform Medicare

Every year, Medicare physician payment rates spark a legislative fire drill. The complex formula for updating doctors' reimbursements, the sustainable growth rate formula, routinely threatens Medicare physicians with draconian payment cuts. Next year, the formula mandates a 21 percent pay cut.

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday, Nov. 7, 2014,  to hear a new challenge to President Obama's health care law. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Supreme Court can stop Obamacare deceit

Deception abounds in Obamacare. A video of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of the Affordable Care Act, is all over the Internet, showing his admission that the entire measure was based on deceit, "written in a tortured way" to be deceptive so it could pass thanks to "the stupidity of the American voter."


Zeke Emanuel reveals the progressives' death wish

When Zeke Emanuel writes a provocative, 5,000-plus-word polemic on why he — and by extension the rest of us — should hope to die at 75 in order to ease the burden on family, friends and society, it can't be written off as the ravings of a rogue intellectual.

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Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, pauses while testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, before the House Ways and Means Committee on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Obamacare website chief apologizes for poor rollout

- The Washington Times

The head of the agency in charge of the new health care law apologized Tuesday to people who've tried to use the flawed federal Obamacare website, but she said she still has faith that the site will be working for most Americans by the end of November.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius arrives in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Monday, Oct. 21, 2013, for and event with President Barack Obama on the initial rollout of the health care overhaul. Obama acknowledged that the widespread problems with his health care law's rollout are unacceptable, as the administration scrambles to fix the cascade of computer issues. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Sebelius to appear before House on Obamacare on Oct. 30

- The Washington Times

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Monday put off Republican lawmakers who want to question her about the disastrous rollout of Obamacare this week, instead agreeing to testify about the program's computer problems next week.

** FILE ** In this Aug. 22, 2013, file photo, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius speaks during an event discussing the federal health care overhaul in Philadelphia. With new health insurance markets launching next week, the Obama administration is unveiling premiums and plan choices for 36 states where the federal government is taking the lead to cover uninsured residents. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Premiums unveiled for health overhaul plans

- Associated Press

With new health insurance markets launching next week, the Obama administration is unveiling premiums and plan choices for 36 states where the federal government is taking the lead to cover uninsured residents.

** FILE ** Linda Norman (right) and Joanna Galt, both from Florida, hold their banners during a "Exempt America from Obamacare" rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol in Washington on Sept. 10, 2013. (Associated Press)

Obamacare has been amended or delayed 19 times: study

- The Washington Times

President Obama has already signed 14 laws that amend, rescind or otherwise change parts of his health care law, and he's taken five independent steps to delay the Affordable Care Act on his own, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service, released Wednesday.

Bev Veals (left), accompanied by her husband, Scott, undergoes chemotherapy treatment at Duke Cancer Center in Durham, N.C., on Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Patient's health insurance bill soars as Obamacare falters

- Associated Press

Coping with advanced cancer, Bev Veals was in the hospital for chemotherapy this summer when she got a call that her health plan was shutting down. Then, the substitute insurance she was offered wanted her to pay up to $3,125, on top of premiums.

Tea party asks its grass roots to help kill health care law

- The Washington Times

Tea party Republicans are girding for a fight with the White House — and members of their own party — over how to block President Obama's health care law, saying Congress must not miss the chance to use this year's funding bills to try to starve Obamacare to death.


Obama chats up health care

Obama chats up health care

Gallery: 6 Photos
President Obama speaks about the Patient's Bill of Rights and health care reform in the backyard of a private residence in Falls Church, Va.