Space Shuttle Retirement

As the NASA Space Shuttle Program comes to an end, follow The Washington Times' historical coverage of the retirement and relocation of its spacecraft to museums across the US.

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  • Discovery is towed into place behind the stage to be used as a backdrop during the celebration of its arrival at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly on Thursday. (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    After Discovery's final journey, space shuttle lands in new home

    By Meredith Somers - The Washington Times

    The Space Shuttle Discovery, which in its 27 years logged more than 148 million miles, regularly withstood 3,000-degree temperatures and circled the Earth more than 5,000 times, finally came to rest on Thursday. Published April 19, 2012

  • The space shuttle Discovery arrives by 747 carrier aircraft at Washington Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, Va., Tuesday, April 17, 2012. After completing 39 missions and spending 365 days in space, the historic spacecraft will make its final destination at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, a Smithsonian museum, located in Chantilly, Va. on Thursday, April 19th. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Shuttle Discovery flyover dazzles D.C. area

    By Meredith Somers - The Washington Times

    The space shuttle Discovery passed low over the D.C. area Tuesday morning, drawing spectators to gathering spots atop buildings and aside roads for a glimpse of the onetime workhorse of NASA's orbiter fleet before it is delivered to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Published April 17, 2012

  • Space shuttle's final ride gives Washington 'awe-inspiring' sight

    By Meredith Somers - The Washington Times

    Space Shuttle Discovery, the NASA orbiter that spent a year's worth of time among the stars, completed its final journey Tuesday when it landed at Washington Dulles International Airport on the back of a Boeing 747. Published April 17, 2012

  • Getting a last look at Space Shuttle Enterprise are (from left) Jonathan Featherstone of Oakton, his children Emmie, 4, and Luke, 2, and his brother, Michael, at the Smithsonian's Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    Space shuttle Discovery ready for final flyover

    By Meredith Somers - The Washington Times

    The space shuttle Discovery, carried on the back of a jumbo jet, will fly over Washington on Tuesday as the onetime workhorse of NASA's orbiter fleet is delivered to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Published April 16, 2012

  • Onlookers in Titusville, Fla., watch from the roadside on Friday, July 8, 2011, as the space shuttle Atlantis launches from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, about seven miles away. (J.M. Eddins Jr./The Washington Times)

    NASA's space shuttle launches for last time

    By Marc Lancaster - The Washington Times

    The space shuttle Atlantis soared from Earth one last time Friday morning, carrying four astronauts on a final, unforgettable ride. Published July 8, 2011

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    • Sen. Bill Nelson: I’ll hold White House’s ‘feet to the fire’ for NASA

      By Kerry Picket

      Government funds that would help return America to the moon were eliminated in the White House's proposed 2011 budget. The budget reveals that the Obama administration has scrapped the Constellation program started by President Bush in 2004. The program was meant to take us back to the moon by 2020. President Obama's new budget calls for investing about $6 billion over five years to create commercial rockets that would send astronauts into Earth's low orbit. Published February 2 2010

    • Report: NASA to sell shuttles in 2010

      By Carleton Bryant

      NASA is planning to sell the space shuttles when the program ends in 2010. Better reserve your bid now. Published December 18 2008


    From The Vault

    • NASA tests tank on space shuttle

      By Philip Chien - Special to The Washington Times

      NASA has filled a 154-foot-high external tank with fuel and oxygen for the first time since the Space Shuttle Columbia accident. Published April 14, 2005

    • NASA discovers problem with bolts on space shuttles

      By William Glanz - The Washington Times

      Accident investigators yesterday revealed a new danger to the fleet of space shuttles but said they are not changing their theory surrounding the probable cause of the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegration. Published June 13, 2003

    • Congressman calls space shuttles too risky

      By William Glanz - The Washington Times

      A congressman from Texas said yesterday that NASA's shuttle program should be scrapped because it is too risky, and he vowed not to approve funding for manned spaceflight that relies on the three remaining shuttles. Published May 9, 2003


    A Front Page in History

    'LOST' Columbia explodes, killing 7 astronauts.


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